Foundations make up tips.

Whenever you plan to put on any kind of make, up it is necessary that you apply the foundation properly and in an even manner. It is needed that you get it done right. Because if this is not the case you may end up looking like a disaster. Learn about Foundation makeup tips here.

foundation makeup tipsFoundation Makeup Tips

You should always begin by cleaning the face. Use a moisturizer or a primer that suits your skin type well. This helps in creating a smooth surface so that the foundation spreads well and evenly. Try concealing your dark under eye circles with a concealer. Only pat it gently onto the skin and do not rub. Then apply dots of foundation on the cheeks, Chin, forehead and tip of the nose. Then spread it out evenly and blend the dots together. Using loose powder set the foundation properly and immediately.

Choosing The Right Type Of Foundation For Your Skin Type

Oily Skin

If you have oily skin it is quite obvious that, the oil builds up in all the regions of the face and not only in specific areas and so you should choose an oil free foundation. Go in for a water based foundation. Or if not that go in for those that are oil-free or. Check for the oil free condition before using.

Combination Skin

People with combination skin generally experience oily areas across the forehead, at the corner of the nose and on the chin. Such skin types get oilier during summer and drier during winter. Those with this kind of skin need to alter their foundation according to the season. If you are a person with this kind of skin try going in for oil free or regular oil based foundation depending upon how oily your skin is.

Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, the skin feels tight and pulls after washing. In such a case it is necessary that you moisturize the skin before applying the foundation. You can go in for one meant for dry skin that is the oil based liquid foundations, mousse foundation creams or mineral makeup.

foundation makeupTypes Of Make Up Foundations

Tinted Moisturizer

This is the right kind of foundation for those who don’t require much coverage but still want to even out the skin tone. It is better to use especially for dry skin and it dispenses with the use of a moisturizer.

Mousse or Whipped Foundation

This kind of foundation is much easier to handle and provides better control when it has to be applied in layers. It is a liquid makeup with air whipped in and thus becomes smooth and light. It comes in a spray and is costlier. It suits all skin types and is better for dry and ageing skin.

Liquid Foundation

Many go in for the liquid foundation because of its ability to spread out evenly. They are available in waterproof and smudge proof versions. But there have been instance where there has been slight irritation to the skin as well.

Cream-to-Powder Foundation

This is a kind of foundation that you apply in the form of a liquid but on drying it gives you a plain powdery finish.

Concealer is used mainly to cover the area around the eyes a pimple or so on.

Tips to apply foundation.

While applying the foundation don’t apply it all over the face. Dot it in certain places and then move form the face to the outside to prevent it from accumulating.

Test the colour to see that it matches with the skin tone well.

Always apply the moisturizer and allow it to stand for at least 10 minutes. Only then apply the foundation or else the foundation will come off.

While applying the foundation make sure that t you cannot see the demarcation near the jaw and hair line. Blend it with the skin tone well.

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