Fergie eye makeupFergie, the lead singer of the band black eyed peas really sticks to its name even for her eye makeup. This blonde beauty mostly prefers her Smokey eye makeup look in shades such as black, deep charcoal and smoky grey. So many of us wouldn’t really go in for a black Smokey eye makeup look because, it looks too intense.

Fergie Smokey Eye Makeup Tips

  • Quite often Fergie is also seen sporting her Smokey eye makeup look in combination with the cat eye look. To create the same Fergie Smokey cat eye look a tip is to use stencil to get it done so that you can have the best results for your Smokey eye makeup.
  • If you plan to create your Fergie inspired Smokey eye makeup look in black or deep charcoal then keep the rest of your makeup clean and light. You can pair your black Fergie Smokey eye makeup look with nude lips topped with gloss.
  • Along with her smoldering black Smokey eye makeup look Fergie also carries a bronzed sun kissed look for her skin. So you can fake the tan with a self tanning cream or even by using a foundation with a light golden undertone. You can even use a bronzer for the cheekbones, forehead and chin. This will make your Fergie Smokey eye makeup stand out better but use the foundation or bronzer judiciously.
  • For your Fergie Smokey eye makeup look focus more on getting lengthy and lustrous eyelashes. It helps you create an edgy Smokey eye makeup look for yourself.
  • Another Smokey eye makeup tip is to blend; blend and blend until you achieve the look that you planned to create. If you want to skip this then you’re sure to land up with a raccoon eye look instead of your Fergie Smokey eye look.
  • Dust some translucent powder on your lashes. It will make the mascara cling on well to the lashes making them look long and thick.

How to apply

It is much easier to apply a colorful Smokey eye makeup than black. With black it requires the right amount of eye shadow to be applied not making it look too heavy and dark. But don’t worry!!! It’s not that difficult. Just follow us and you’ll be fine.

  • As the first step to any eye make you attempt start by applying the eye primer. It helps you out in a really big way to increase the lasting power of your eye makeup and also prevent the eye shadow from creasing.
  • The next step that is a must is the concealer. Conceal any dark circles and blemishes with a good concealer. Don’t just rely on foundation to do the needful.
  • Then line the eyes with an eye liner in black. If you use a gel liner for the upper lash line preferably use a black eyeliner pencil for the lower lash line to make it easier to smudge. Keep the line thicker in the centre.
  • Apply a shimmery light base colour across the entire eyelid. Then dip a brush in a charcoal or black eye shadow and apply it to the eyelid stopping just slightly above the crease.
  • Apply some of the eye shadow lightly to the lower lid sticking close to the lower lash line.
  • Curl your lashes and apply mascara. If you have naturally thick and dark eye lashes then don’t use mascara.
  • Check your work and wipe out any makeup that has fallen out.

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