Fairy makeup

Fairy Makeup Tips are a part of the latest makeup trend and with the Halloween its popularity has increased in manifold. There are various ways to do fairy makeup and it looks great on almost everybody; you must know how to carry it around. Wearing the right attire is the most important factor for fairy makeup and accessories are not necessary especially because fairy makeup will be the point of attraction when you wear it. Fairy makeup is about pushing the artist in you. It is about stretching your imagination to a great extent. With fairy makeup you can hardly go wrong because it’s all about using the right color combinations and the right attitude to go with. The styles for fairy makeup are artistic and look great, since, you can make yourself look beautiful and attractive or dark and mysterious.  There are different kinds of fairy makeup; Mysterious dark fairy, enchanted green fairy, flower fairy, butterfly fairy etc.

How to wear fairy makeup

Before wearing fairy makeup you must apply the primer to your face. Applying primer makes the makeup stay for a longer time and the color to be applied smoothly. It prepares the surface for a better makeup.

Butterfly fairy makeup ideas

For the Butterfly fairy makeup, remember, you can go completely wild with colors. Just like that of a butterfly. You can see vivid colors of butterflies all across the place, this should be inspiration enough for you to understand that butterfly fairy makeup is for you to imagine yourself to be a colorful butterfly and go wild with the colors. The most popular way of butterfly fairy makeup is to color only one eye and you could just borrow some wings for yourself. If you don’t want to wear wings, you can just draw some wings on either side of your eyes and pretend them to be wings.

Enchanted green fairy makeup

The enchanted green fairy makeup is another one of the innovations of fairy makeup. Remove those green eye shadows and eye liners that you haven’t used for years and be prepared to look like a creature of the forest. You need to make some designs out of the range of green colors that you have. Make it elaborate if you like but you also have a choice to keep it simple. You can draw some vines on the edge of your face with some nice leaves and flowers. Make it on the side so that it only structures your face. You can also make some other designs on your face like some free lines that look adjacent to each other. Finally give some outlines of purple to the vines and the leaves.

Dark fairy makeup

This will be the enchanted fairy makeup, and it looks absolutely fantastic to wear and sport. While applying the dark fairy makeup, remember if you also happen to wear a similar color contact lens, it will change your look drastically. Try them on if you feel you can carry them off well. The difference between dark fairy makeup and other fairy makeup is the use of color. Use the darker undertones of any color of eye shadow and eye liners that you have. Try to make it look mysterious. Apply glitter if possible, make it loud.

These Fairy make up tips will certainly be a point of envy when you wear them, see to it that you have practiced it a couple of times before the D Day, it will help you innovate on the designs.

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