To improve your eye’s appearance, you need to play up with their beauty. The shape and spacing of the eyes are different in different people. Be at your creative best and follow these eye makeup ideas to enhance the beauty of your eyes. Learn more about eye makeup and eye makeup ideas here.

Eye Makeup Ideas

eye makeup ideasThe basic eye makeup kit offers 3 shades of color:

Highlighter – It is the lightest shade that when applied brings out the areas it is applied to.

Mid Shade – This is closest to your skin color.

Contour – It is the darkest shade that causes the area to recede.

Eye makeup ideas: Shape of the eyes

The shape of every eye is unique. Eye makeup can help create a balanced look by hiding the imperfections, if any.

Eye Makeup Ideas for hooded eyes

People with hooded eye have the look of the lids partly closed. With eye makeup ideas, you can open up the eye to minimize the eyelid.

  • Drawing more attention to your eyebrows. Shape them and use them to draw the interest away from the eyelid.
  • Use highlight color to cover the skin from the brow bone to the upper lash line..
  • Apply the mid shade to cover most part of the eyelid.
  • Now with the contour shade, brush on the outer half of the lid and up towards the brow.
  • Draw a fine line of contour under the lower lashes. Using eyeshadow or eyeliner under the lower lash helps to minimize the eyelid.
  • Extend the line of the eyeliner from the outer upper lashes slightly past the edge of the eye.

Eye Makeup Ideas for Droopy Eyes

As we grow old, our eyes show the signs of aging and they inevitably begin to droop. You can try the following eye makeup ideas to hide the droopy eyes.

  • Use the highlighter just under your eyebrow and cover the eyelid entirely.
  • Cover the crease up towards the brow line using mid shape.
  • Apply the contour color on the outside corner of the upper lashes and brush upwards towards the crease slightly.
  • Use the contour shade along the entire lash line under the eye.

Eye Makeup Ideas With a little change in your eye makeup, your overall look can change dramatically. With these eye makeup ideas, change your look regularly.  Some of the looks you can try are cat eyes, bright eye makeup, smokey eye makeup etc.

With these eye makeup ideas, you can be rest assured that your eyes will do the most of talking for you. After all, you never can go wrong with the beauty of the eyes.

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