Eye shadow Palette tips

What are eye shadow palettes? Just like how a painter has his set of colors, eye shadow palettes are the shades of eye shadow that a woman has to avail of the range of eye shadows for herself. Now, it is common knowledge that eye shadow is one of the most important parts of a lady’s makeup kit. Having a range of eye shadows helps you to experiment on your look with a range of colors. Only when you see these colors before you can you even imagine that such colors exist. How else will you experiment on a Smokey eye or a vintage eye? Eye shadow forms the soul of eye makeup, without which an eye makeup will look completely bland.

How to buy a good Eye shadow Palette

  • There are some things that you need to keep in mind before you buy an Eye shadow Palette. You need to be aware of your skin color and type. Not all shades look good on everyone‘s skin.
  • Usually Eye shadow Palettes come in a single shades of colors. But you can buy the 80 or the 120 palette ones too, they look quite smashing.
  • For amateur makeup people, please begin with using single shade palettes because it will facilitate application. You will find it very confusing to use multi-colored palettes so try with single palette colors at first.
  • You need to buy Eye shadow Palette that has pigments in it. Pigments are basically one that separates one eye shadow from the other.
  • Coastal Scents are one of the brands of Eye shadow Palettes. If you like glitter in your Eye shadow Palette you must go for Coastal Scents.
  • If you are more of a color person you can try one of the Dior color palettes, they are basically filled with colors of all kinds. You will not find glitter in Dior.
  • Those looking for awesome matte Eye shadow Palette you can try one of the Coastal Scents Eye shadow Palettes.
  • Lancome and MAC too have their awesome shades of glitter Eye shadow Palette. The colors are beautiful and the pigments are perfect.
  • Some people look at the accessories that come with the Eye shadow Palettes, if you think some of the brands give you a good makeup brush, we say, go for it!
  • For all those who like natural colored palettes, colors that blend well with your skin, go for the Bobbi Brown Eye shadow Palette. The colors are neutral and brilliant. The quality of the eye shadows is amazing. They work awesome for nude makeup, like when you want to use lighter tones.
  • One of the other Eye shadow Palettes that you can try is the Urban Decay Palettes. They stay for very long and are very smooth in application. It works great for those with direct 9 hour shifts.
  • For amateurs in the makeup zone, start with the beautiful ‘Luxurious Eye Shadow: Christian Dior 5 – Color Palettes. The colors area rather bold, and lustrous and silky. The pigments are intense and the makeup lasts almost forever. You can either wear single shades or combine a set of 2-3 shades and wear them.

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