Tips for Small Eyes makeup

All women want their eyes to look large and expressive. It is a real challenge to apply makeup for small eyes. Too much of it will make them even smaller and very little will be of no use. Here are some small eye makeup tips that will accentuate the eyes and make them look really stunning.

Makeup Tips for Small Eyes

Follow these simple eye makeup tips for small eyes to sendure that you get bold beautiful eyes.

• Eye brows can enhance the look of your eyes, making them small or big. If you want to make your small eyes look bigger an eye makeup tip for small eyes that we offer is to tweeze the eye brows well and shape them in a slight arch.

• Another small eye makeup tip is to keep the use of eye liner limited while getting eye makeup for small eyes done. Don’t thicken the lines too much. It will make the eyes look even smaller.

• Instead of using dark coloured eyeliner, line the bottom eye lid using a creamy white eye pencil. It will open up the eye better.

• As an alternative to thick eye liner you can try smudging it giving it a Smokey eye look.

• Use mascara on the upper and the lower lashes.

• Depending upon the colour of the skin and hair you can accordingly choose the appropriate mascara i.e. if you have a fair skin tone and light coloured hair dark brown, plum or slate could be your options. For darker complexions it would be best to stick to black.

• One of the other easiest eye makeup tips for small eyes is to curl the eyelashes giving the eyes a fuller look.

• Also remember to curl the eyelashes before applying the mascara. If by any chance you forget, then wait for the mascara to dry and then curl the eyelashes.

• As far as choosing the eye shadow colour for small eye makeup, pick pastel shades to make the eyes appear large and luminous.

• In the crease apply a medium toned eye shadow.

• Another makeup tip for small eyes that we suggest is to make use of highlighting shadow at the inner corners of the eyes and also below the eyebrows.

• The use of light glittery eye shadow all across the eyelid will also make the eye appear bigger. You can blend it with a darker shadow at the outer corners and at the crease.

• Use an eye shadow that will suit well with the eye colour if you want to create the illusion of larger eyes. Here’s how you can pick the perfect eye shadow Blue eyes- brown, grey, taupe etc, Green eyes – plum, dark grey, charcoal and shades of black and brown, Brown eyes – plum and shades of blue

How to Apply Makeup for Small Eyes

• When applying makeup for small eyes you should usually use eye shadow in three tones.

• From the inner corner of the eye to the middle of the lid apply a light shade of eye shadow. Also apply it form the lash line to the brow. If you want to make the eyes appear even larger you can use a highlighter extending from the inner corner of the lower lid to the middle of the lower lid.

• To give depth to the eyes then use the medium shade colour. Apply the medium tone colour to the crease and blend it well.

• Use the darkest shade to the outer corner of the eye.

• Then apply the eye liner from the middle of the lid to the outer corner. Instead of the eyeliner you can also use a deep toned eye shadow to line the eyes.

• Curl the eyelashes and apply the mascara.

Follow these simple Eye Makeup Tips for Small Eyes to make small eyes look bigger and bolder.

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