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Makeup Tips for Older Women

Something that most women probably dread is getting old! With age, lips get thin, eyes begin to sag and of course the wrinkles at the corners of the eye cannot be forgotten. Makeup for older women thus becomes necessary to enhance their beauty and cover the flaws that appear with age. But, older women makeup cannot be loud and vibrant in the way a girl in her twenties would probably get it done. Older women can make use of makeup that is more of on the sober side with the use of subtle colours. Learn more about makeup for older women and follow these simple makeup tips for older women that we have lined up for you.

Makeup Tips for Older Women

• Women generally tend to play up the makeup for their lips. But in older women makeup, keep in mind that you should concentrate more on the eye makeup rather than the lips.

• Another older women makeup tip that we offer is that women in their 40’s should try using eye pencils instead of the liquid eyeliners. It is not only for the look but also for safety as liquid eyeliners may prove to be harsh for aging eyes.

• Because of the wrinkles around the eye, liner may sometimes appear as a dotted line. To do away with this apply the eye liner first in one direction and then repeat it moving back and forth. You can also try stretching the eyelid gently and then applying the eyeliner while applying makeup in older women.

• Eyes will appear smaller if you line the inside of the eyes so, avoid doing it.

• Not overdoing your makeup is a makeup tip for older women. When it comes to applying make up for older women the rule is to keep it less and simple with the use of more neutral shades.

• Avoid applying too much of foundation giving it a cakey appearance. Use just enough to form a smooth base for the makeup.

• Ageing also brings in droopy eyelids. There are a number of ways in which you can conceal these drooping eyelids while considering makeup ideas for older women. Apply the eye shadow well to conceal drooping eyes. Start by applying the lighter shade just below the eyebrow, the medium colour on the eyelid. It will make it look less droopy. Try as much to stay away from dark colours.

• Colours that we suggest for the eye shadow are light to medium brown or even copper.

• Don’t match the eye shadow with the outfit colour. It will only make you look old.

• If you are a perfectionist at everything, then you would definitely insist on getting your eyebrows done well along with your eye makeup. If grey strands of hair start popping out from your brows don’t pluck them. In place of that, using proper makeup tips for older women conceal them.

• Dark circles are common among older women. A concealer thus becomes an important component of the makeup kit. However while applying don’t heap it up in the procedure of hiding your wrinkles. In fact it will make everything more visible. Yellow toned concealers are the best that we suggest.

• Another makeup tip while applying older women makeup is to use brightening products to give the eyes a lift.

• Many use powder to set face makeup. But one makeup tip that older women should follow is to use only light reflecting powder as it may cause difficulty in the eye area because of creasing.

• Keep the use of glitter limited.

• Follow a healthy diet rich in vitamins and also undergo skin care routines to bring back the youthfulness to you.

Here’s how to apply older women makeup well

• Wash your face well and prepare the face especially the eye region for the makeup.

• You proceed by applying the foundation, using a foundation brush make sure to blend the foundation well in the eye region. You may need a foundation that suits your skin type depending on your age. So visit the departmental store and choose one that’s best for you.

• Use a concealer in the areas that require concealing before applying the makeup.

• Always use a primer as a safety measure to prevent melting of eye makeup.

• Apply the eye shadow over the lid. For eye shadow use semi-matted eye shadow.

• Finish the eye makeup with the eyeliner and mascara.

So ladies don’t let age deter you from getting your makeup done well. You may not look like in your teens but you can try out some of our makeup tips and ideas for older women and can definitely look gorgeous.

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