Eye makeup tips for big eyes

You may have perhaps tried a whole lot of things that were probably advised by a friend or things that you may have come across while flipping through a magazine to conceal your big eyes. But alas! All in vain. Nothing seems to change. Your big eyes remain just the way they were. Lets look ar some simple makeup tips for big eyes and big eye makeup ideas that can help camouflage your big eyes.

If you have big eyes and don’t know how to apply eye makeup to make them look small, the same don’t lose heart. Big eyes do look gorgeous for many. But there may be a few for whom they may not suit because of their bulging appearance. We have here; compiled for you certain makeup tips and ideas for big eyes that can help you make your eyes look visually smaller.

Makeup Tips for Big Eyes

Follow these simple eye makeup tips for big eyes to make your big eyes look smaller.

• A big eye makeup tip that we suggest is getting the eye shadow makeup right. You can do so by applying a darker shade of eye shadow across the entire eyelid. Continue applying it further and extend it to cover the crease as well.

• While doing eye makeup for big eyes always remember to use only darker shades. Try keeping lighter shades away as they will only make you big eyes look even bigger.

• It is always advised that people with smaller eyes should keep the use of eyeliner limited as it further reduces their size making them appear smaller. So the bottom line here is, to line both the upper and the lower lid while getting your big eye makeup done. This will help make the eyes appear smaller.

• Preferably, while lining the eyes make use of a darker shade.

• Also keep the application of the eyeliner thick as it will help close the eyes. This is another makeup tip for big eyes that we suggest.

• When you pick eye shadow shades for your big eye makeup, choose a complementing colour i.e. one that will match the eye colour. For example lilac and purple for green eyes, bronze and gold for brown eyes.

• Try to keep the eye shadow in three tones – dark, medium and shimmery.

• Use a mascara and eye liner in liquid form to make the eyes look more intense.

How to apply eye makeup for big eyes

Follow these steps to apply big eye makeup

• Especially for those with big eyes, while getting your big eye makeup done make sure to see that you get your eyebrows well groomed and shaped according to the shape of your face.

• Apply the eye base or the eye primer to prevent the eye shadow from creasing.

• To conceal dark circles under the eyes, use a concealer a shade lighter than the skin colour.

• Start by applying the darkest shade of eye shadow from the outer corner up to one third of the eye. Do the same from the inner corner.

• The bare portion between the inner corner and the outer corner can then be applied with a medium toned eye shadow that is two shades lighter than the darker eye shadow.

• Use a highlighting eye shadow along the brow bone.

• Blend the highlighting eye shadow, the medium toned and the dark toned eye shadow in such a manner that it erases the lines and does not show any difference.

• Using a pencil or a liquid eye liner line both the upper and the lower eyelids. See that the thickness is more in the middle and thinner to the ends.

• Then apply a coat of mascara to the upper and the lower lashes.

You can follow these steps and tips given in eye makeup tips for big eyes to make your big eyes look smaller.

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