Eye Makeup Techniques

We all look to create different eye makeup styles. If you want a Smokey eye makeup look someone else considers a natural eye makeup look. However if you see the eye makeup techniques differ with each makeup style that you choose. Not only this, but your eye makeup techniques are governed by so many other factors such as the colour of your eyes, their shape your skin tone and so on. In this small segment we’ll brief you about the different techniques to use for applying eye makeup

Eye Makeup Techniques for Different Eye Colours

Eye Makeup Techniques for Brown Eyes

    Brown eyes are very common. Besides they are also the easiest to work with when it comes to selecting eye shadow colours for eye makeup. Shades that you can use for your brown eye makeup are shades of brown (darker) and blue. Along with this the other colours that you can apply for your eye makeup are plum, blue gray, vanilla and metallic shades such as bronze, copper and gold.

    As far as the eye liner is concerned the best eye makeup technique is to match the eyeliner colour with the eye shadow. As an alternative to black, you can also use dark brown, navy and plum shades.

    Eye Makeup Techniques for Blue Eyes

      Blue eyes are slightly tricky to work with nevertheless there are some eye makeup techniques that can brighten the blue in your eyes. First and foremost to choose the proper eye shadow colour for your blue eyes determine the proper colour of blue that you have for your eyes. Then on the basis of that choose the colour of eye shadow. Some colour suggestions are brown, copper, violet, grey, lilac, black gold and charcoal.

      Eye Makeup Techniques for Green Eyes

        For your green eye makeup use eye shadows that have a pink or red undertone. Again, like mentioned for blue eyes, you need to find the proper natural colour of your eyes. For a more intense look you can use shades such as khaki and green teamed up with beige or cream.

        Eye Makeup Techniques Based on the Shape of the Eyes

        Eye Makeup Techniques for Big eyes for Big and Small Eyes:

          You can make your big eyes look small and also make your small eyes appear larger by using proper eye makeup techniques. Here if you want to make your eyes look smaller, then apply a darker eye shadow to the outer corner and the crease region. Close up the eyes by lining the eyes with dark and thick eyeliner. On the other hand for your small eyes avoid darker eye makeup. Instead use lighter shades that will make them appear visually bigger.

          Eye Makeup Techniques for Almond Shaped and Round Eyes:

            Using some eye makeup techniques you can make your almond shaped eyes appear more round. For this you apply the three toned eye shadow the same way you do for your normal eye makeup. But the while lining the eyes stop it just before the outer corner of the eye. Apply mascara only to the upper lashes. To make your round eyes appear longer with eye makeup techniques extend the eye shadow and the eye liner beyond the outer corner of the eye.

            Asians have hooded eyes with no visible crease. So while applying eye makeup for Asian eyes you will have to use eye makeup techniques to create the illusion of a crease. Apply a darker shade eye shadow to the place that could have other wise been the crease.

              Eye Makeup Techniques for a Smokey Eye Makeup Look

              There are some techniques to follow while you apply a Smokey eye makeup

              • With respect to eye shadow for Smokey eye makeup you apply the lighter colour to the entire eye lid while the colour slowly gets darker as you move towards the outer corner of the eye.
              • Also the colour should be the darkest at the lash line.
              • To polish your Smokey eye makeup look use some false eye lashes at the outer corners of the eye.

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