You’re already running late for work …. You try to put on your eye makeup the fastest you can, but, your eye liner just doesn’t want to help you out today. It goes all over the place except where you want it to. Tired of this everyday ordeal? Then why not try some eye makeup tattoos.

If you don’t know much about eye makeup tattoos but are looking to get it done, you needn’t worry. We’ll guide you through the entire procedure telling you what to do and what not to do while getting your eye makeup tattoo done. There are some eye makeup tattoo aftercare tips as well. So check them out.

Eye Makeup Tattoos

Permanent eye makeup tattoos or cosmetic tattooing as you would call it does not only include eye makeup tattoos. You can have it for the lips as well. However here we will be talking mainly about eye makeup tattoos. Everyone morning many of us who don’t have the hang of putting on the eye liner well literally have to struggle with it. In such cases, if you get the permanent eyeliner tattoos, then they can be of great help.

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding eye makeup tattoos. Read them and see whether the eye makeup tattoo doubt in your mind is answered.

Where to get the eye makeup tattoo done and how much would it cost?

    An eye makeup tattoo can be done in a normal tattoo studio if the tattoo studio offers that facility. When getting your eye makeup tattoo done, see that you do it with a professional and not a tattoo artist who will experiment it on you for the first time. After all, it is your eye so be careful about where you get your eye makeup tattoo done. Regarding the prices for the eye makeup tattoos, they will vary depending upon where you get it done.

    Does the eye makeup tattoo procedure hurt?

      Yes of course, the eye makeup tattoo does hurt. It is just like any other tattoos that you would get done on your back, hand or ankle. In fact the eye makeup tattoo like if you get a permanent eyeliner tattoo hurts more than the other tattoos as the skin around the eye is very delicate and sensitive. But the clinician or the tattoo artist who does your eye makeup tattoo will first numb the eye lids before he starts with the eye tattoo procedure so that you don’t have any discomfort. You may have to follow up with one more visit to the studio or clinic to shape it well or see the color density.

      How long will the healing process take? What care should be taken to see that the eye makeup tattoo heals faster?

        Once you do the eye makeup tattoo the entire eye region will look swollen and red. It may be even sore for the first two or three days. You will need to apply some ointment to your eye lid after your eye makeup tattoo as it will speed up the healing process. Try avoiding any eye makeup for the first few days. Also avoid wearing contact lenses. See that you keep the entire eye region clean so that no infection sets in. In case an eye infection surfaces up after you do your eye makeup tattoo you can visit a doctor and get it treated. Don’t wait for it to get worse thinking that it will go on its own.

        Are the eye makeup tattoos only for the eyeliner?

          The eye makeup tattoos are not done only for the eyeliner. You even have cosmetic eyebrow tattoos that can help you restructure your thin eye brows or sparse eye brows. Sometimes they do the cosmetic eye brow tattoos in a block form but that doesn’t really look good. See that you take a look at some previously done work for cosmetic eyebrow tattoos. You can use eye shadow stickers for your eye shadow.

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