Eye makeup stickers.

A well applied eye makeup will make you look attractive, elegant and classy. Some may apply their eye makeup as a professional even without any kind of formal training. However not everyone is capable of applying their eye makeup well. After all we all are not born artists. Applying eye makeup may seem very easy but there are many who face a lot of difficulty in applying makeup such as eye shadow. For them the eye makeup stickers are a real rescue. Learn more about eye makeup stickers and how to apply eye makeup stickers here.

eye makeup stickersInformation on Eye Makeup Stickers

Eye makeup stickers a latest innovation to the cosmetic industry is slowly becoming a part of the makeup box of many. These eye makeup stick-ons are especially beneficial for women who run through a hectic schedule and do not have time to put on eye makeup carefully or even spare time to remove it off well. Thus to avoid smudged eye makeup or a clumsy look for your eye makeup especially when you are an amateur at applying makeup, these eye makeup stickers can definitely help you out.

The eye shadow stickers can be purchased at any cosmetic store. Besides, many offer the option of purchasing these eye makeup stickers online as well. Avon, Color On, Eyebrowz are some of the brands that sell these eye makeup stickers.

How to apply Eye Makeup Sticker

Learn how to use eye makeup stickers by following these simple eye makeup sticker tips:

• First peel of the eye makeup sticker and separate it from the protective paper. Handle it properly.

• Then closing your eyes and raising the eyebrows slightly, stick the eye makeup sticker at the bottom of the eyelid.

• Apply the eye makeup sticker to the rest of the eye moving from the inner corner of the eye towards the outer edge and press it down lightly smoothening it out well.

• The eye shadow from the eye makeup sticker will automatically transfer to the eye lid.

• To give it a different look you can also try blending different eye makeup stickers. However practice it before as it may not go so well in the first application.

Eye Shadow Stickers

Eye shadow stickers are truly a benefit for those who cannot apply their make up well and don’t want messy eye makeup .These eye shadow stickers are of a use and throw kind and can be used only once. Compared to the normal brush application eye shadow they are much easier to use. The sticker is oval in shape and is laced with just the right amount of eye makeup that can applied to the eyelids. They offer a vast range of eye makeup colours, patterns and designs that one can choose from. They are available in different feye makeup forms such as animal prints, two or three toned colours shadow combinations, metallic colours and various other funky designs. These eye shadow stickers are waterproof and crease proof.

Tips to using eye shadow stickers

Follow these simple eye shadow sticker tips on how to use eye shadow stickers:

• While blending dark and light colours do not use the same finger.

• Also while going in for an eye shadow sticker try to see whether it will suit the shape of your eyes.

• There are some eye shadow stickers that come with setting powder and the brush. You can use this to set it well and to make it last longer.

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