Eye Makeup Brush Sets

You might find it slightly weird that leaving eye makeup tips and tutorials we’re talking about eye makeup brushes. Well I know that but you see that eye makeup brush sets are such an important part of your eye makeup kit that we just can’t forget to talk about them. So that’s why we’re here with this article.

Eye makeup brushes are available in different varieties. While picking up eye makeup brush sets from the nearest cosmetic store, look for the following qualities such as type of bristles, shape and the price.

Tips to select the Perfect Eye Makeup Brush

  • While selecting eye makeup brushes pick one on the basis of what you will be using it for. Accordingly you can select the eye makeup brush such as round, tapered, flat, angled and so on.
  • Also consider what kind of eye makeup you will be using like synthetic brushes work great while applying liquid makeup.
  • Another tip to ensure good health of the eye makeup brushes and also your skin is to clean them regularly and also sore them properly.
  • If you plan to buy multiple eye makeup brushes then it is better that you pick an entire eye makeup brush set. This will not only provide you the privilege to experiment with different brushes for your eye makeup but will also be much cheaper.

Types of Eye Makeup Brushes

The Kabuki Brush

The kabuki brush with its short handle is a new addition to the makeup brush sets. If you have noticed in many makeup tutorials this brush is used for application of powder or even for the eye shadow for eye makeup. This eye makeup brush has a fluffy large dome shaped head with coarse bristles and it suits best to apply mineral makeup.

There are some makeup brushes that are meant exclusively for eye makeup.

  • Eye Makeup Brush Set: Eye Shadow Brush

The eye shadow brushes are vary from large to medium size but preferably a medium sized brush is used.  These brushes for eye makeup should be square head and slightly tapering at the corners. The bristles are soft but firm enough. The larger eye shadow brush is used to sweep the colour on the entire eyelid. The medium one is used to add colour in the region between the creases and lash line and also to highlight the brow bone. The small eye shadow brush is used to highlight the inner corners of the eye and also to apply eye shadow to the lower eye lid for eye makeup.

  • Eye Makeup Brush Set: The Crease Eye Shadow Brush

This brush is used to apply and blend the colour in the crease region. In comparison to the other eye shadow brushes it is round and has a tapered dome tip.

  • Eye Makeup Brush Set: Brush for Shading

For blending and layering of colours for eye makeup you can use an eye shader brush. It is more dense and wide.

  • Eye Makeup Brush Set : The Angled Eyeliner Brush

This eye makeup brush is used mainly to line the eyes very close to the eye lashes and also to soften the harsh lines of the liner. You can increase the thickness of lines as well by changing the angle of the brush. While buying an angled eye makeup brush, pick a narrow and small one with a flat head. The bristles should be soft and natural rather than synthetic.

  • Eye Makeup Brush Set: The Eyebrow and Eye Lash Brush

Probably the cheapest of all the eye makeup brushes this eye brow brush is used to shape the eye brows. It is also called the eye lash brush as you can comb out and separate your eye lashes thus removing clumps of mascara with it. Many use tooth brushes for this task but if you’re looking out for an eyebrow brush for eye makeup we advise that you pick one that is coarse but not very stiff. If you don’t get one with natural bristles a synthetic one is fine.

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