Eye Makeup Applicators

Today let’s talk about eye makeup applicators. Eye makeup applicators are an important part of your eye makeup set. Whether it is blending and layering of colours or simply dusting powder over the eyelids there are different eye makeup applicators and each have their own tasks to perform. Let’s see some of the different eye makeup applicators.

Eye Makeup Applicators:

There are different eye makeup applicators such as the following.

Eye Makeup Brushes:

While choosing eye makeup applicators such as the eye shadow brushes you have to look for the following things- the brush head shape and size, the bristles with respect to natural or  synthetic and the texture of the bristles such as soft or coarse. The eye shadow brushes come in sizes such as large, medium and small.  These brushes for eye makeup should be square head and slightly tapering at the corners. The bristles should be soft but firm enough.

The Angled Eyeliner Brush

The angled eyeliner brush is another important eye makeup applicator that will simply the process of lining the eyes. You can use this eye makeup applicator for different purposes. You can draw fine and precise lines close to the eye lashes. Besides, you can use it to blend the colour edges of the eyeliner. The angled eye shadow brush can also be used to fill in the eye rows with brow powder. By changing the angle of the brush you can use it to increase the thickness of the line.

The Eye Brow and Eye Lash Brush

The eye brow and eye lash brush is one of the cheapest among all the eye makeup applicators. You can use this eye makeup applicator to comb out and separate your lashes. These brushes are coarse but not very stiff. You can get it either with natural or synthetic bristles.

Q tip Eye Makeup Applicators

The Q tip eye makeup applicators are similar to the sponge tip applicators but they are single headed. You can use this Q tip applicator to smudge and soften the eye liner. Generally for eye makeup such as the Smokey eye makeup look it is also used to apply the eye shadow to the crease region. These Q tip applicators are used to clean out any fallout of makeup.

The Sponge Tip Eye Makeup Applicators

  • You even get double head eye makeup applicators. These sponge tip eye makeup applicators are made of latex sponge and are used to apply eye shadow.
  • You can apply the powdered and cream eye shadows with these sponge tip eye makeup applicators.  They are also used to blend the eye liner colours.
  • The sponge tip eye makeup applicators have one round head while one head of this applicator is tapered. The rounded tip is used for blending of the eye shadow colours. The tapered one is used more for contouring.
  • You can add depth to your eye makeup by applying colour to the crease region with the tapered end.
  • Some of these double headed sponge tip eye makeup applicators come with spare replaceable tips.

Few Tips for your Eye Makeup Applicators

  • Eye makeup applicators such as brushes are likely to get contaminated with bacteria which may indirectly affect your skin. So after you have done with your eye makeup, make sure that you clean your eye makeup applicators and store them properly.
  • The sponge tip applicators that you use for your eye makeup to apply eye shadow sometimes retain some of the colour. So if you use three tones for your eye makeup then try using different eye makeup applicators or clean the same eye makeup applicator well.
  • Also don’t share your eye makeup applicators with anyone. If the other person has an eye infection it may get transferred with these brushes and applicators causing you to suffer in the process.

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