Getting a tattoo done on various body parts is a very old practice. Chinese, Japanese, African & people from many of the Asian countries & tribal areas in other countries used to practice the art of tattoo making for hundreds of years. Tattoos had served as a mark of status & rank, the symbols of religious and spiritual devotion, used to show respect to bravery, for sexual lures, as the pledges of love, punishment, talismans, protection, and as the marks of outcasts, slaves and convicts.

dragon tattoo for girls

The present scenario of tattoo design incorporated the variety of dragon tattoo such as Japanese dragon tattoo, Chinese dragon tattoo, tribal dragon tattoo & various other dragon tattoo design.

Dragon tattoo no more only for Men

Dragon tattoo are often seen the choice of men & they used to get dragon tattoo art on various parts of the body. But the present scenario is different & now dragon tattoo for girls is becoming the latest trend. Dragon indicated the power & thoughts of Asian culture. Girls are no more behind the boys in any aspect & so they also want to show the power by getting dragon tattoo design done on their body.

Dragon tattoo for girls in several shapes

Dragon tattoo pictures & designs come in several sizes, shape & colours. The dragon tattoo gallery has an array of Chinese dragon tattoos from where the dragon is shown without the wings while in the Japanese tattoo dragons is shown with the wings. Every design has a distinct meaning related to it. There exist thousand of dragon tattoo designs for girls and one can make the choice based on your individual liking. The Lung dragon design of the Chinese represents power that is mysterious and enchanting.

Dragon tattoo meaning for girls.

The yellow dragon tattoo for girls is said to symbolize knowledge, the golden dragon tattoo represents strength & compassion. Black Japanese dragon tattoo represent wisdom. The Sai Ru dragon represents rain. The Welsh dragon tattoo design contains a fascinating history. The red dragon tattoo shows the toughness. Blue dragons are from the west & they are for forgiving and compassionate nature.

dragon tattoo

Importance of the position of Tattoo

It is important for girls to make the right choice about choosing the dragon tattoo designs and the position to place these dragon tattoos. The more popular body parts for these designs with girls are on the side, booty and abdominal area. It is suggested to see a professional tattooist who has many years of experience in drawing exquisite dragon designs. Even though the girl with the dragon tattoo is a fresh idea, there are a growing number of girls who have been choosing these designs have been on the rise as they look very girlish.

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