down dos hairstyleThinking of going for a prom? Here are some of the down do hairstyles that you can choose from. Down dos give a very classy yet elegant look if set in a proper manner. However, before choosing a hairstyle one needs to consider factors such the face cut, the body, the condition of the hair and at the same time the type of dress you will be putting on. Many prefer to go in for these dos more than the up dos as they feel it is less time consuming, more comfortable to handle and the dangers of it getting undone are fewer.


While considering a down do hairstyle for a prom you can think of either curling it or just leaving it straight giving it a natural look. The front haircan either be parted in the center or simply cut in a fringe. If you have naturally straight and silky hair just leave it the way it is. Other wise to give it a sleek and shiny look you can use a straightening iron. Always remember to apply some kind of hair gel before blow drying. Apart from a straight hairstyle a curly one with a good lift also looks great. To get your curls to have a bouncy look a curling iron can be used.


  1. Try applying mousse to hair that is towel dried. See that your hair is completely blow-dried.
  2. Try dividing your hair into sections while blow drying so that you can give it a proper lift.
  3. Curling irons can then be used at the tips. This is to be done separately for different hair sections.
  4. Try separating the curls that appear to be intertwined with each other gently with your fingers.
  5. The finished look can then be kept in place with a hairspray. Try avoiding a spray that would make your hair look stiff.

Down do hairstyles for a prom:

down-dos1Sweeping Bangs: Bangs can be used in many ways to make a formal hairstyle look more elegant. Generally girls don’t go in for sweeping bangs as it gives quite a messy look. But who says that one cannot do this hair style for a formal occasion such as a prom. A side sweeping bang not only produces a unique look but can also guarantee a beautiful one. However it should be kept in mind that the sweeping bangs entirely depend upon how the remaining hair is arranged.

Apart from this you can also get a half bun done. You start by tying a ponytail and that take few strands of hair neatly forming a tight half bun. Allow the rest of the ponytail to lie loosely thus making it look pretty and artistic. Decorate it with a tiara or any other jeweled hair accessory .If your hair is good in texture and is free from frizz you can consider going in for a layered haircut. Shampoo and condition it well and then just let it lie the way it is. Another hairstyle that many could choose for a prom night is the Boho wave’s hairstyle. It is a simple yet chic cut hairstyle for a prom night. It appears to have a slight parting at the centre. The hair is smooth and shiny at the top while it breaks into layers at the lower ends.

So girls let down your hair, look gorgeous and enjoy your prom night!

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