Dark Eye Makeup tips

While you do your regular eye makeup, you need to keep some things in mind. First and foremost is the occasion. If you are doing the eye makeup for a regular day at work, then you can keep it light. However, if your eye makeup is for the evening party, gear up for some dark eye makeup tips, since that’s what you actually need. Light makeup will become hidden if applied at night, you need something dark and fancy to flaunt and there is nothing better than dark eye makeup.

Lets look at some of the dark eye makeup tips:

Dark Eye Makeup Tips

  • Making the dark eye makeup is quite simple, the idea is not to be frugal with makeup. dark eye makeup is all about experimenting with colors. Remove the colors that  are light and pastel, look at the darker eye shadows and beautiful reds and browns they make good bases for dark eye makeup.
  • You need to begin with the right mascara along with good eyeliner. For brown eyes you can look towards the black eyeliner, they look Brill! Bluish or Greenish eye colored people must go for lighter shades of eyeliner since it will help them accentuate the color of their eyes. For a darker look to your eyes, wearing black will be perfect, since it brings out the contrast. We are now going to go step by step into wearing dark eye makeup.
  • Smokey Look: here we are going to go for a blend of three different colors; you need to wear the right kind of eye shadows to bring in the base for your eyes. The eye shadows you choose must be dark, like purple, silver and gray. You can begin applying these shades but don’t apply dark, keep it to a lighter shade, and make it darker as you go. Start with the lighter colors and go on to the dark ones. The top of your eye lid must have a faded look.
  • Next we are going to apply eye liner. Ac we had earlier discussed, choose your eye liner pertaining to the color of your eyes. However, brown and black are two of the most common colors that we girls use as eyeliner. Its okay if you want to go for either of them.
  • For the perfect dark eye makeup you need to apply eyeliner onto your upper and lower lid. This will give you a very dramatic look, but it will look perfect if you have blended the colors well.
  • While you are using the eyeliner, make sure you draw a thicker line on to your lower lid, make the upper lid lighter by not applying too much liner. You can now use an eye lash curler for your dark eye makeup if you like.
  • You can also apply your mascara, give at least two to three coats of mascara for the perfect dark eye makeup.
  • When you apply the dark eye makeup, remember that you needn’t worry about looking too dramatic because that’s the idea behind all dark eye makeup. You need to be able to understand that the more colors you don (with the perfect combinations) the better it is.
  • In order to set your hand for dark eye makeup you will need some practice, if you feel you have over done an area of your eyes with too much makeup, just remove it lightly with some cleansing milk or makeup remover.

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