Well, I know that we all would love to try out some really cool makeup styles but the fear of ending up as a disaster is what holds us back. Cool makeup ideas and styles follow one basic rule that is looking good without going over board with your entire makeup. In this article we’ve compiled for you a couple of cool makeup tips. We have some cool makeup ideas that you can wear to any occasion.

Base Makeup for Different Skin Types

While considering cool makeup tips and ideas you need to consider your skin type. A tip to your cool makeup look is to create one that will make you look fresh and lively throughout the day

  • Whether it is your cool makeup style or any other makeup try to always work your makeup on a clean face. Moisturize your face well with a moisturizer that suits your skin type well. If you have oily skin, then choose one that does not have an oil base.
  • Similarly on the basis of the skin type and colour choose the foundation for your look. Try out some foundation colours to see one that is the closest to your natural skin tone. Yellow based tones can be used for your cool look if you have a natural tone while use a pink one if you have a cool tone. Also to apply the foundation flawlessly for your makeup select the foundation on the basis of your skin type- oil free foundation for oily skin while creamier ones if your skin is dry.
  • A cool makeup tips is not to apply foundation around the eyes. It gives you a cakey, chalky look.


Add some colour to your cheeks for your look on the basis of the skin tone.

  • Face makeup for dark skin will include using blush in shades of brown and terracotta. While get some makeup for fair skin with chocolate brown and rosy pink blush for the apples of the cheeks.
  • Bright pink and red blush are not the colours to use for makeup.

Eye Makeup

Your eyes do a lot of talking when it comes to makeup. When done up well with eye makeup they enhance the beauty of the entire face.

  • Eye makeup tip is to use the eye liner properly to line the eyes. You can line the eyes to create a Smokey eye look or a cat eye look or a cool classic look.
  • You can keep your eye makeup style natural and elegant with the use of neutral shimmery shadows and eye liner to line the eyes.
  • If you wouldn’t mind bright colours for your look then go ahead with that as well.
  • Whenever choosing eye shadows for your makeup shimmery ones can be used but avoid glitter.
  • One of the tips for brown eye is to use shades such as bronze, plum, gold and purple.
  • Brighten the blue of your blue eyes by using orange for your makeup for your blue eyes.
  • A cool Halloween makeup tips would be to follow the Goth makeup style.

Cool Makeup Tips for Lips

If you don’t want to do up your eyes for your cool makeup look then try to experiment for your lip makeup.

  • Define your lips well for your cool makeup look by lining them with a lip liner that matches your lipstick.
  • Avoid darker colours for lip makeup if your eyes are small and hooded.
  • To create a cool and polished look for your lip makeup, make sure to use gloss over the lipstick. But don’t use it if you have pouty and thick lips.
  • You can use bright lipsticks such a red and pink if you have not played up the eye makeup too much, but for Smokey eyes the best cool makeup tip is to use neutral shades such as cream, light pink, peach.

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