Eye Makeup Palettes

When buying an eye makeup palette, you will probably be looking out for a good and cheap eye makeup palette.  You should choose your eye makeup palette based on the type of makeup look you are attempting. There are a huge variety of eye makeup palettes available in the market with their own individual features that may draw your attention. But here are a few things to consider before you pick your eye makeup palettes.

  • If you go in for the bigger eye makeup palettes with 120, 88 and 78 colours it is definitely going to cost you a bit. But don’t compromise on quality for the sake of price. Pick your eye makeup palette with care. Take time to see what’s there inside before you actually purchase it. Cheaper eye makeup palettes may make you happy initially with the price, but it will take a toll on your skin. So few words of advice – invest in a good brand for your eye makeup palette.
  • Also check for the skin tolerance level while buying the eye shadow palette. All skin types are not the same. So don’t pick up an eye makeup palette because it treated your friend well. See for something that will suit your skin type.
  • Look out for eye shadows that are smudge proof.
  • The eye makeup palette may or may not consist of an eye primer. If it is there well and good but if not make sure to pick one. The eye primer is very essential for your eye makeup. It will help your eye makeup hold on better and prevent it from melting and creasing.

You need not go in for the big eye makeup palettes with wide assortment of colours such as the 120 and 88 colour sets. There are some smaller eye makeup palettes as well that are much cheaper. Let’s check out some of the eye makeup palettes that you can pick up for your eye makeup.

The Big Eye Makeup Palettes

The bigger eye makeup palettes have a wide range of warm and cool colours including frosted and matte textured eye shadows.  Not only do they include the different eye shadow colours but also carry sponge applicators.  Out of the total number of eye shadows in these eye makeup palettes some of them are blush colours.  Some of these eye makeup palettes also come with liner and shimmer highlighters.

The Trio Set Eye Makeup Palette

As suggested by the name itself these trio eye makeup palettes consist of three colours which are usually in the same colour family. These trio eye makeup palettes come with one or two double head sponge tip applicators. Mac Trio Eye Shadow Palettes are one that you can take a look at.

The Smokey Eye Makeup Palette

Thinking of creating a Smokey eye makeup look then you will need a few select colours for your eye makeup. You get eye makeup palettes that are meant exclusively for Smokey eyes. This Smokey eye makeup palette has the basic colours that you would use for a Smokey eye makeup look. Along with the eye shadows these Smokey eye makeup palettes consist of a small double headed brush for applying and blending the colour. They also have an eye pencil and mascara that are needed for your Smokey eye makeup look. You can check out some of the warm and cool Smokey eye makeup palettes from MAC.

Apart from the eye makeup palettes mentioned above there are also 5, 8, 10, 15 and 20 colour eye shadow palettes. If you looking out for a professional eye makeup palette you can buy a 15 and 20 colour eyes shadow palettes.

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