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Hair Styles

Wedding down do hairstyles

It is seen that those with long hair wouldn’t really have problem choosing a trendy and formal hairstyle. Styling your long tresses well you can flaunt some of the best wedding down do hairstyles and look gorgeous. Here are a few wedding down do hairstyles that we have picked up for you.

Wedding Down Do Hairstyles

The Pinned up Curls

The pinned up curls is a great wedding down do hairstyle,It would be much better if you have long hair otherwise you can always think of attaching extensions. The hair is curled through medium length or only the ends. The hair in the front and the side is combed back on top of the head and styled behind using pins that will help secure the hair well. The bangs are left to sweep the forehead. Few strands of hair are loosely left around the face banishing a completely formal look while the curls rest gently on the shoulder. The veil can then be attached at the back of the hair showing off the style in front.

The Sleek Polished Look

Many wouldn’t prefer going in for any formal updo or for that matter even leaving their hair down in curls. For such the best down do wedding hairstyle would be to leave the hair naturally giving it a sleek and polished look.

A Half Down Do

This down do wedding hairstyle is best for all those brides with shoulder length hair as it is not too long neither is it too short. Divide the hair in sections from the front leaving the bangs out. Tease the hair at the crown, giving is a slight raise there forming a puff and then pin it up. Allow the y bangs to loosely fall over the face on both sides. The puff at the crown is an ideal place for you to fix your crown or veil. This is a good down do wedding hairstyle with a veil.

Side Pinned Curls.

Side pinned curls are another perfect option for a down do wedding hairstyle. It works great with long and shoulder length hair. Here is the procedure

• Using large, medium and small sized curling irons curl the hair through medium length maintaining a more natural look.

• Brush the hair lightly with your fingers separating the curls out.

• Part the hair in a side part and secure one portion to one side using a nice flowery hairpin.

• You can forgo the veil and try to accentuate it hairdo more with hair accessories.

• If you want you can bring about a slight change by also adding bangs that can give it a girlish charm

Spiral curls

Many think that curling the hair entirely for and occasion is not a good idea as through the day the curls may lose shape and may come off. However this may not be the case if you have taken proper care to see that the stylist who has done you hair has done it well. In fact long curls are one of the most sought after wedding down do hairstyles for an occasion such as a wedding.

• Make sure that you wash your hair the previous day of the wedding. It has been noticed that the curls don’t set well on freshly washed hair.

• Also if your hair is curly wash and straighten it out the previous day.

• Using hot rollers of different sizes curl the hair entirely and pin them up. Make sure to see that when you remove the rollers they are cold.

• Unpin the curls and then gently using your fingers comb through.

• Pulling only the front section of hair and leaving the sides down pin it up at the back of the head using a crystal barrette.

• For that matter if you want to leave it loose you can try adding highlights to show the curls distinctly. Attach the veil they way you want. You can also use various hair accessories.

Wedding down do hairstyles are best suited for long hair. You can follow the tips given here to select the best wedding down do hairstyle for your wedding.

Curly wedding hairstyles

Curly wedding hairstyles also look great on your wedding day. You can wear these curls either in and updo while leaving your hair done or for that matter even in an half up half down hairstyles. Read on to learn more about some of the best curly wedding hairstyles.

Best Curly Wedding Hairstyles

A messy updo

A messy updo is a good curly wedding hairstyle that will make you look elegant without making it too formal.

•Curl the ends of your hair and pull your hair back in a bun neatly arranging the curls on the back of the head.

•Instead of bangs some strands can loosely hang around the face.

•Remember to create the bun neither too high nor too low.

•If you have naturally curly or frizzy hair first smoothen it out and then touch itt up with a curling iron.

•You can top it up by pacing a tiara at the crown of the head.

Short curly hair

So what if you have short hair. You too can flaunt a curly wedding hairstyle. Curl the small sections of hair using a medium curling barrel. Once you’ve done you can gently finger comb the hair, separating them out. You can use a holding spray just in case you feel that the curls may loose shape. Lastly, you could finish the look by pinning it up to the side and using a flower as an accessory. Or else you could even use a crystal headpiece.

Long curly waves

If you have hair that is long past shoulder length you can consider wearing the hair down as if your hair is thick wearing an updo may become difficult and tedious to manage. So you can simply allow your hair to lie loose.

•If you have curly hair, wash the hair the previous evening and straighten it out the day before. Washing your hair on the same day of the wedding will not allow the curls to set well.

•Take medium size sections of hair and spray them with a setting lotion.

•Curl each section with a curling iron and pin them up.

•After allowing it stand that way for sometime, unpin the curls.

•To give the curls a polished look, spray it using a hairspray.

•Combing some hair back pin it using a crystal clip or a barrette.

There may be some who may not want to comb back the hair. In that case remember to curl the entire length of hair using small medium and large curling irons as it will look more natural. To set them well use a setting spray before the curling is done. Consider adding a few highlights to give it a contrast with the natural hair colour and add some glow. Dress up the look maybe with a tiara or a hair comb. This hairstyle looks best with short hair. However if you have short and fine hair you can always use extensions.

Curly half up half down hairstyle

If you have curly hair the best elegant hairstyle that you could get done is a half up half down hairstyle.

•Take all the top section of hair in a smooth high ponytail.

•Leave the bottom portion down.

•Curl the strands of hair of the pony tail using small, medium and large curling iron to give it a more natural look.

•Arrange the curls in the ponytail artistically forming a bun and leave the bottom hair loose.

•You can sweep the bangs to the side. If it doesn’t look well defined flatten them with a flat iron.

•Use a setting spray to hold the curls well.

You can follow the tips given here to choose your curly wedding hairstyle or decide which curly wedding hairstyle best suits you.

Bridal hair accessories

Jewellery adds to the beauty of a person. But it is not necessary that you should limit these accessories to our skin. There is a huge array of bridal hair accessories that you can choose from and help make your hairdo much better and prettier. Here are some tips of how you can add more sparkle to your bridal hairstyle by adding bridal hair accessories to your bridal hairstyle.

Bridal Hair Accessories

Tips of how to pick the right bridal hair accessories

• Always choose something that will suit your personal style.

• See that the hair piece that will match the dress style

• The size of the head piece that you choose should also complement you stature and frame. Avoid picking a larger headpiece if you’re a person who is petite and small.

• Also try to make sure that the headpiece is not too heavy to balance

• Pick a floral pin, tiara or head band on the basis of the hairstyle that you choose.

Types and kinds of bridal hair accessories

Ø Headbands

Headbands are a perfect choice for a simple bridal hairstyle be it an updo or a down do. There are different kinds of headbands available and they range from elaborate crystal and rhinestone bands to very simple ones like the sash bands. Double bands are also gaining popularity as bridal hair accessories

Ø Crystal pins and hair sticks

Crystal pins can definitely not disappear from the list of bridal hair accessories. They go well with all the loosely twisted buns or for that matter even with all the formal tight pulled updos. They can be used either in clusters or distributed the cover the entire updo.

Crystal hair sticks especially the Swarovski crystal bridal hair accessory sticks look absolutely stunning in a bridal hairdo.

Ø Flowers and feathers

The combination of flowers and feathers is another bridal hair accessory that probably many who forgo the tiaras and all the crystal stuff go in for. You may use either a flower or a couple of flowers decorated with a few feathers. This is one of the latest additions to the list of bridal hair accessories 2011. They depict a very carefree attitude and is generally worn to the side of a low bun or chignon. Even for a down do bridal hairstyle it is an elegant pick. Flowers can also be woven together to form an elegant band that can give a natural look.

Ø Hair vines

Unlike others the hair vines go with many elaborate and simple bridal hairstyles. You can place it to the side, wear it as a hair band, and wrap it around a bun or even a ponytail. The choice is ultimately yours.

Ø Hair pins and clips

I would say probably the most important when it comes to bridal styling. Hair pine and barrettes are available in different patterns and colours. You get them even in the various shapes that you may be looking out for to match the dress and theme well. Can be used with any style these are the best way to conceal the bobby pins that help to hold up your hairdo. They can also be purchased in the crystal and pearl variety. There are some that are made in pearls, gems or flowers. Many of the hair clips are also vintage inspired.

Ø Ornamental hair combs and hair brooches

Ornamental hair combs are an important part of couture bridal jewelry. They should be used and picked only after you have finalized the bridal hairstyle. If you have an elaborate bridal hairstyle it will be better if you choose a hair comb or brooch that is simple and sweet.

Ø Stone studded tiaras

Tiaras have been used since time immemorial and can be used as bridal hair accessories for both for formal updos and down dos. They complement dresses that are long and elegant.

Ø Veils

Veils have always been an inseparable part of bridal hair accessories and have a long told history. They can be long, short or even the bird cage veil.

You can follow the yips on bridal hair accessories give here to add accessories to your bridal hairstyle. Use bridal hair accessories to add glitter to your bridal hairstyle.

Wedding Hairstyle Tips

If you’re a bride-to-be soon you know how much your wedding day means to you. You have probably waited for your wedding day all your life. And now that it has finally approached there are so many things to be done that you don’t know where to start and where to end. There a many that will come to render a helping hand with all the technical stuff and other work, but you have to take care of the little things that can make a big difference like your wedding hairstyle. We have some tips on wedding hairstyle that will make it easier to do your wedding hairstyle. Learn more about wedding hairstyle tips here.

Wedding hairstyle tips

One of the most important things that you have to pay attention to is your wedding hairstyle. Obviously you don’t want to look like something had gone desperately wrong with your wedding hairtsyle. So if you want to be the talk of the town for all the good reasons here are some tips on wedding hairstyle that you could follow. You may think that there are so many wedding hairstyles to choose from. But when the time comes everything does not seem so easy. There are a number of things that you have to consider when choosing the wedding hairstyle that you think would be apt for you.

Wedding hairstyle tips.

• One important wedding hairstyle tip is always consider the structure of your face.

• Think about the season in which you plan to marry.

• The dress that you will be wearing is another thing that can guide you in choosing the right hairstyle. If your gown is simple, you can think of getting and intricate hairstyle. But if your gown is all elaborate and complicated keep the hair simple and subtle. Don’t overdo both.

• You may have seen a wedding hairstyle in a magazine or on the net that you would love to wear on your wedding day. But it is not necessary that just because it looks good on the model it will look good on you as well. Always have a trial with the stylist who will be handling your hair on your wedding day and choose only what suits you best.

• When you go to get your hair done on the wedding day never go in a t-shirt. If you do so you’re sure to take off your hairstyle while taking your t-shirt off. Prefer wearing a buttoned shirt that can be easily removed.

• Pick a hairstyle that will be comfortable for you to handle on your wedding day.

• You could use jeweled hair bands, tiaras, hairpins, colorful clips, beaded barrettes and even fresh flowers to accessorize your hair.

• Preferably wash your hair the previous day as it sets better than freshly washed hair.

• When you go for you hair do rehearsal you should carry your veil and other hair accessories that you will put on. This will avoid unnecessary confusion regarding how to attach the veil at the last minute.

• If you consider going in for an updo hairstyle, add hair pin and topping it up with a veil will make it look elegant.

• On the other hand if you prefer leaving you hair loose you could wear an empire waist dress. It will truly give you a very innocent and sweet look.

• Hair jewelry forms an integral part of partial updo hairstyles as they distinctly show the demarcations of the start and end lines of the hairstyle. Tiaras and exclusive bridal veils are the perfect choice of a partial updo.

• If you have short hair and plan to grow it for your big day start well in advance. But trim it regularly to keep away split ends.

• You want to colour your for your wedding. But remember to keep the highlights subtle and soft. You could use colour glazes to give the hair some shine as well. Get your hair touched up one or two weeks prior to the wedding.

• Get a deep conditioning treatment done to make your hair look luscious. Scalp massages are also good to improve circulation and make hair look healthier.

• Make sure to see that the products that you use agree with the skin or else you may land up with an allergic reaction.

• Follow a healthy diet, drink plenty of water and look great and gorgeous on your wedding day.

Following these simple wedding hairstyle tips will ensure that you look fabulous at you wedding and that you have a wedding hairstyle that suits you best.

Long wedding hairstyles

When it comes to wedding hairstyle you would want something that is elegant, simple and easy to manage. At the same time it should make you feel confident and beautiful. Curly long wedding hairstyles are a perfect option for this kind of a formal occasion and when teamed with crystal clips and tiaras it makes the hair look simply marvellous. Learn more about types of long wedding hairstyles here and popular long wedding hairstyles.

Popular Long wedding hairstyles

Down Do Long Wedding Hairstyles

If your wedding is a casual affair and you want to keep it simple and natural you could consider a down do long wedding hairstyle. You can polish and set your hair well. This can give your long hair a very sophisticated look.

Side Pinned Curly Long Wedding Hairstyles

Instead of simply leaving your hair down you could pin one part of the hair to the side using a clip into a side pinned curly wedding hairstyle, an off spin of the long wedding hairstyle. For this you can curl the strands of your hair to middle length. Part your hair to the side. Then taking one section of hair you pin it up to the side using a clip. The bigger the clip is the better it will look. But choose something that will go with the theme and the dress. Let the other section of hair lie loosely on the forehead.

Curly Locks Long Wedding Hairstyles

Another wedding hairstyle that could make a great long wedding hairstyle is leaving the hair loose with curls at the end. You start by washing the hair with a voluminising shampoo. Blow dry the hair using a round brush. Curl small sections of hair using a 1 inch curling iron but leave the root that is the top hair flat and style only the lower half. Last use a hairspray that will hold the curls well.

Loose Curls Long Wedding Hairstyles

Loose curls are an ideal way to get your wedding hairstyle done. Besides they complement long veils very well.

• See that your hair is dry.

• You can part your hair either in the centre or to the side.

• Taking small sections of the hair curl it using a large barreled curling iron or rollers.

• Gently and carefully run your fingers through the curls.

• Use a hair setting spray that will hold the curls well.

• Fix the veil at the crown of the head or near the top of the crown whichever suits you well.

You can go in for a different look with the same wedding hairstyle by pulling the side sections of the hair back and secure it with a clip or pin. You can leave a fringe in the front to loosely caress the forehead. You can use a beautiful hair band as a replacement for a tiara. You can curl the entire lengths of hair using varying curling irons. Highlighting strands of hair in suited shades is another good option especially when you go in for curls.

Artistic Bun Wedding Hairstyle

For long wedding hairstyles, you could consider the bun with braids wrapped around it.

• If you hair is naturally wavy smoothen it out first to give it a better look.

• Part the hair in a centre part.

• From the front divide the hair into sections of about 2 inches and braid them in a French braid.

• The rest of the hair is tied in a neat bun at the back of the head.

• Coil the braids around the bun and secure them tightly with pins.

You could modify the hairstyle by tying the bun at the nape and adding more braids that could be made from the bottom layers of hair. Then intertwine the braids at the back carefully and artistically.

Traditional Chignon Long Wedding Hairstyle

A chignon is a wedding hairstyle that looks great as a long wedding hairstyle with a veil. This chignon that is usually set at the nape can be done with all the hair pulled back either with a side part or with absolutely no part. This chignon is a great advantage especially if you plan to wear a long veil as it will not create much confusion with regard to its comb placement. You can attach the veil at the top of the chignon or for that matter even below if you want to show off the hair style.

Subtle Updo Wedding Hairstyle

• Curl the hair using a medium sized curling iron to create small curls and add some volume.

• Sweep the front section of hair gently across the forehead.

• Tease the hair at the crown of the head.

• Twist the hair, sweep up and secure it well with pins.

• Leave small strands of hair to hang loose so as to highlight the frame of the face.

• You can use a delicate hair band to accessorize the hairstyle.

You can choose which wedding hairstyle for long hair suits you best of all these popular long wedding hairstyles