Cameron Diaz Makeup

If you’re thinking of Cameron Diaz celebrity makeup, you’ve got to choose something fresh and youthful. This “Charlie’s Angels” actress looks fabulous with her stunning features and blue eyes. With the right tips and proper guidance you can also recreate Cameron Diaz makeup look that is the California girl look for yourself. So scroll down to learn more about Cameron Diaz makeup tips and ideas.

Cameron Diaz Makeup Tips

• A tip to perfect your Cameron Diaz makeup look would be to keep your makeup simple and clean. Avoid applying too much of foundation and concealer. Instead use it sparingly.

• If you use a powder foundation make sure to see that you dust just a small amount. Excess powder on the face will just make you look too dull.

• Whenever you start applying your makeup like Cameron Diaz try as much to achieve a bronzed look for your skin. Go easy with applying the bronzer.

• Another Cameron Diaz makeup tip is not to go too dark with applying blush. Cameron Diaz has high cheek bones and so she concentrates more on the apples of the cheeks.

• When choosing the eye shadow shades the base colour should be light but should have some shimmer. See that you don’t pick one with glitter. Shimmer and glitter are two different things.

How to apply Cameron Diaz Makeup

Follow these tips on how to apply Cameron Diaz makeup

• Make sure that you clean your face well before you begin applying any kind of makeup.

• Once you have washed your face clean you can moisturize it using a moisturizer that will suit your skin tone well. Apply the moisturizer to the eye region as well. However if you prefer to use an eye cream for the eyes you can always do so.

• Now we can move on to applying the foundation for your Cameron Diaz makeup. It will be better if you use a liquid foundation. If your skin tone is very much like Cameron Diaz then there is no harm in using a yellow based shade for the foundation.

• In case you have dark circles, cover them up with a good concealer. Don’t forget to use the concealer at the inner corners of the eye.

• Dust a light coat of powder to set the foundation. It will also contain the formation of oil not giving the makeup an oily look.

• Then proceed by applying the blush to the cheeks. For a Cameron Diaz makeup look, you can use a gel, cream or stick blush in pink or peach shades. Blend the blush well. To highlight the skin you can apply a bit on the bridge of the nose lightly.

• For the eye makeup taking a light base colour such as champagne sweep it over the entire eyelid. You can apply some of it below the lower lash line as well and some to the brow bone as a highlight. A darker brown colour can be applied to the crease.

• Line both the top and the bottom lashes using eyeliner. To create a Smokey eye look for your eye makeup, smudge the bottom line with a smudge brush.

• One last thing that needs to be done for your eye makeup is the mascara. Before you apply the mascara curl the lashes. See that the mascara does not clump at the ends and the lashes are properly separated. Repeat the mascara application of necessary.

• Don’t forget the eye brows. They also bring about a great difference in the way you look. Shape them well in a proper arch. Fill in with some brow powder if needed.

• The last thing that we have to do now for your Cameron Diaz makeup is the lips. You can apply a lip moisturizer if you want. Line the lips with a neutral lip liner. Do up the lips with some sheer pink gloss.

Follow these simple makeup tips to apply Cameron Diaz makeup. You can use the Cameron Diaz makeup look for parties or for work.

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