bun-hairstyles-for-promBun hairstyle for prom is a type of women hairstyle, where hair is pulled back from the face, twisted & wrapped in a circular coil. It is kept typically on the back of the head or neck. The bun is secured with either a piece of hairnet or bobby pins. They are tightly gathered or slightly messier. Bun hairstyle looks more informal. It is suggested not to tie the hair tightly so to avoid headaches. The bun hairstyle looks elegant and has been one of the popular hairstyle for prom. The hairstyle is well suited to go with the elegant prom gowns.

Bun Hairstyles

Before choosing any hairstyle one should make sure what type of prom hairstyle will suit you considering the length of your hairs. For long hair, there are various hairstyles one can choose. If your personality is classy and sophisticated then try out Bun Hairstyles. The Bun Hairstyles is one of the favorite hairstyle of many & considered to be a hot one. The hairstyle usually has the bun at the back & simple look at the front side. This hairstyle is simple yet impressive & goes well with prom dresses. The first thing one should do in wearing this look is by pulling the hair back into a ponytail. Make it very tight and not loose. The head sides and front head should be kept clean. Use hairspray or gel to keep loose hair slick. Begin doing braids on your hair with three strands. Balance the hair distance and length to achieve three strand braids. Do the braiding’s until you get the pony tail & place each section on the top, sides and middle carefully. Don’t get worried if the braids do not seem to level with each other. The bun hairstyle for prom is considered to be the simplest & elegant one as; it goes best with strands that come up to the chin. It is suggested to ensure that you get the right bun hairstyle for prom so to avoid frizzing of the hairstyle. There are many Bun Hairstyle tips that one can follow to get a beautiful bun on the head.

Important things to be remember

Do wash your hairs & condition them well with warm water. Get rid of the excess water gently with the soft towel. You can even use some conditioner or cream from middle of the hair till the end; don’t put it at the root. Make about 8 equal section of your hair with two sections on either side and 4 in the back. Create fringe with a comb on either side of your head. Dry each of the 8 sections of hair that you have made by the paddle brush to brush them straight. Take each of the section of hair and roll them onto a hot roller, remove the roller only once it gets cooled. Now time is to create a ponytail with your hair leaving out the fringe and secure the ponytail with a band. Use a hair pad & pin the pad at the base of the ponytail & you are done with a nice Bun Hairstyles for Prom.

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