Brown Eye Makeup Ideas

Brown eyes are the best and one of the easiest to work with, where eye makeup is concerned. Eye makeup for brown eyes allows you to choose form a wide range of colours that can be used either as eye shadow or even applied as eyeliner. Compared to colours such as green and blue, brown is one that is more common. So instead of doing different things lets see how we can do the same brown eye makeup differently and become the cynosure of all eyes.

Ideas for Brown Eye Makeup

  • A perfect idea for brown eye makeup is to use an eye shadow with slight shimmer and having a tint of the colour champagne.
  • Though neutrals work best for brown eyes, don’t restrict yourself only to that. After all brown eyes are the ones that allow to play the most where eye makeup is concerned. So other shades that form great ideas for green eye makeup include colours such as plum and pink. They are a prefect contrast for brown eyes.
  • When doing brown eye makeup the general rule must be followed not to pick an eye shadow that is the same colour of the eyes. Use a colour that is slightly darker or lighter if you plan to use brown.
  • Cream, tan, taupe, dark brown and chocolate brown are the tones that complement brown eye well.
  • Other brown eye makeup ideas include using green eye shadows. You can brighten up your brown eye makeup by using shades such as khaki green or forest green eye shadow. To give you a funkier look you can use colours such as jade or lime green.
  • To make brown eyes appear more radiant you can consider using blue eye shadow especially bright blue.
  • A brown eye makeup idea to accentuate the eyes is to make use of colours such as Amber, mahogany, gold and copper top highlight the eyes. However limit the use and don’t make it too dark.
  • Considering different types of brown eye makeup you can think of creating a Smokey look , getting it to look wild or for that matter keeping it subtle by toning it down a bit. For a wild look use neon shades and bright pink. Use lighter shades of mauve to keep it light and for a Smokey look you can use eye shadow in shades of plum or purple.
  • There are different ways of applying brown eye makeup. If you wish to give your eyes a more dramatic look you can combine neutral eye shades with a dark liner and mascara.
  • Use brown eyeliner if you are considering ideas for brown eye makeup for a daytime affair. Use warm shade of brown or peach for a darker skinned person. Pale pinks suit lighter skinned persons better.
  • For evening outing eye shadows that look great for brown eye makeup include plum, burgundy, burnt orange and coral. But they don’t look good for everyday makeup.
  • Remember that choosing eye shadows for brown eye makeup also calls for looking at your skin tone. Eye shadows that are yellow based will definitely not look good for those who have a tint of yellow in their skin colour.
  • Also don’t forget to use mascara may be in a shade of brown or black.
  • Although brown seems as a common colour there are huge variations that can be seen. Apart from the basic differentiation some of you may have flecks of yellow while some of you may have flecks of red. If you belong to the former category use eye shadows such as plum or purple while for the others we suggest green tones. Similar is the case with the eyeliner.
  • When using a shade of eye shadow use a colour that is one shade lighter than the eye shadow as the highlighter. This is an idea to add more depth to your eyes.
  • Another idea for brown eye makeup would be a Smokey eye look. Brown Smokey eye look exhibits the same beauty as a black Smokey eye would have. But what makes a brown Smokey eye different is that though it gives you a dramatic look, it less intense and not as severe as a black eye makeup.

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