Bridal updo Hairstyles

For all you prospective brides who are all confused and flustered regarding your bridal hairstyle that you would wear here is what you should read. A bridal updo is one of the perfect and elegant bridal hairstyles that you could consider. There is no need to worry about the length of your hair for getting a good and neat classic bridal updo done. There is a wide range of bridal updos that you can choose from depending on what suits you the best and make you bubble with confidence. Learn more about bridal updos here.

Bridal Updo Hairstyles

Here are some bridal updo hairstyles that you could choose from

The Ballet Bun

The Ballet Bun is an bridal updo hairstyle that can be set well with medium to long hair. These long or medium strands of hair are pulled back and creatively placed in the form of a bun at the back of the head. They are simple yet beautiful and go great with accessories.

The French Twist Updo

The French twist is another feasible option for a bridal updo hairstyle. It works well with medium length hair where the hair is tightly pulled back and then fixed with pins at the back of the head forming a decent French twist. You can always decorate it with a jeweled headpiece or a tiara to make it look classier.

Updo with curls

This is the best suited bridal updo hairstyle for those wearing a veil or a tiara or even if you allow the hair to stand alone. Though it may seem intricate the procedure of how to get this bridal updo done is very simple. You take all the hair back maybe like how you would tie a ponytail. Once all the hair is swept back it is secured at the back of the head to be more precise the crown. The loose hair is curled and then tied up artistically giving it the look of a bun. To make it classier you can pin the longer bangs to one side.

Side updo with flowers

Another stunning look that brides -to -be could go in for is the side bridal updo. All the hair is smoothed at the nape. Concentrating it entirely only on one side it is bundled up either in the form of a bun or a roll. Secure it tightly with pins. You could loosely sweep the bangs to the side of the face thus preventing it from looking too formal. You could always think of accessorizing it with flowers or a clip


If you take the earlier days a chignon used to be arranged in the form of the figure eight. However today there are a number of variations that have come in. You can wear these chignons high, allow them to sit on the crown of the head or even wear them at the nape. You could also give them a layered look.

The French Braids

The French Braids that used to be a top bridal hairstyle is back in vogue in the bridal updo section since 2010. The steps to achieve this look are as follows. The hair is parted in the center and taking two inch sections from the face. This section is braided down. The remaining hair that is left loose is tied in a loose bun. The braids are then wrapped around the bun giving it a nice chic look.

Bridal updo tips

• Weeks before the wedding start caring and pampering your hair. Choose a shampoo and conditioner that suits the hair texture well.

• See that you get a trial of the makeup and the hairstyle well in advance. Don’t wait for the last minute.

• Always accessorize the hairdo with natural flowers, hair bands, jeweled clips and tiara.

• Consult a stylist and select the best hairstyle that would suit you.

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