Bridal Makeup Tips

A wedding day is indeed a big and an important day and more so for the bride. Everyone’s eyes are on her and she definitely desires to look the best. If you are also a young bride preparing for your big day here are some tips that could help you out. Learn about bridal makeup tips here.

Bridal makeup Tips

The most important tip for a would be bride is skin care, you have to take care of your skin. Even the best make up by a specialist may not look good if you don’t have good skin. Small thing kept in mind can really help.

• Avoid food that is greasy or spicy. Some foods create too much heat in the body and may result in the pimples.

• Drink plenty of water as it helps flush out toxins from the body and adds a glow to the skin.

bridal makeup tipsBridal Makeup Tips and Tricks:

A heavy cream foundation should be used. To give the face smooth finish apply a layer of powder foundation. Apply the powder foundation on the neck, ears and chest as well, so that it looks even and not as though you have painted your face. If you have combination skin, try to apply a water base foundation.

A concealer can be used in order to hide any kind of blemish, pimple mark or the dark circle under the eyes. Blend it properly so that it is not clearly visible.

Try using light peach eye shadow as the eyelid base. This will help in brightening the eye shadow. The eye shade that you use should complement your skin tone. Apply eyeliner that is not black or too dark.

Select a lip liner that goes well with the lipstick so that you can get the kind of glossy look that you like. If you have thin and small lips make sure to use light lip colours. Deeper shades suit fuller and thick lips. Make sure that lipstick is resistant and suits the eye and hair colour well. Press your lips against a tissue to remove any extra lipsticks.

• To avoid smudging of eye makeup apply two layers of waterproof mascara.

• Try as much to avoid colours that are bright and neon in shades. Use shades that are true and neutral.

• Once the entire make up is done, dust it with a little powder so that it sets well and stays longer.

• Use a bronzer to brighten up your face.

• If you skin is oily don’t apply the moisturizer before the facial.

• Things You Should Remember For Your Bridal Makeup.

No doubt you will be getting your make up done from a professional; it is always good that you have a trial well in advance. Consult a professional who will tell you what will be best for you. Finish off with the facials maybe 3-4 days before the big day. Don’t get a pink tone foundation done. It may look good on the face but appears very pale in the photos. Blend the make up well and see that there is no visible distinction in the demarcations. If you had applied some kind of make up earlier wash it off properly the previous night. Also clean up the face before you start off the makeup for your wedding day.

Asian Bridal Makeup

The skin tone of the Asians is slightly different as compared to the Europeans. So while applying make up there are certain things that need to be looked at. Foundation should be more of a yellowish tone and not pink. A pink tone looks quiet unnatural. Apply a highlighter under the eyebrow.

Get only the best makeup done for your wedding but at the same time remember that along with looking gorgeous you also have to look sober.

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