Bridal Makeup

A wedding is a very important event in a woman’s life. Every woman has her dreams and aspirations regarding her wedding look and she definitely wants to look amazing and the best. There are a number of things that have to be looked after right from the venue the bridal makeup and hair for the wedding. Listed below are some great bridal makeup ideas and new bridal makeup ideas that could help you out if you are a bride to be soon.

bridal makeup ideasBridal Makeup Ideas

There are many bridal makeup styles that you can choose from, however the best bridal makeup look is the one that suits you. Follow these simple bridal makeup ideas to look great on your wedding day:

• It is always advised that you choose bridal makeup that goes well with your outfit. Try as much to bring about a contrast in such a way that if you are wearing an outfit that is quiet heavy and with a lot of work it is better to keep the bridal makeup light.

• If you have planned to get married in summer or spring it will best to apply bridal makeup in soft and subdued colours such as pastel shades. On the contrary if your wedding is scheduled for winter you can think of using deeper colours in your bridal makeup.

• One of the latest trends in bridal makeup is the creation of a soft, neutral yet romantic look.

• With respect to the bridal eye makeup what’s in is the Smokey eye creation.

• The colours that are widely being used especially for bridal make up are bronze and jewel toned colours. The shades of purples are also chosen by many. No doubt these colours are bright the application remains subtle and light.

• Many prefer going in for plain curls rather than a tedious and difficult to handle pin up dos. They select a makeup that will go well with this kind of hairstyle.

• The 50’s hairstyle is slowly making a comeback to the bridal hairstyle list. To complement their make up with this many prospective brides are using red lipstick but at the same time they do not emphasize the eyes much and thus leave them neutral in the bridal makeup look.

• Black liner is also being used as good for the 50’s style.

• The Smokey bronze bridal eye makeup is also being used with the curled hairstyle more. But while getting this look done black in any form is avoided. Instead brown shades are a better option.

• As far as eyebrows are concerned they should not be tweezed too much. The thicker they are the better it is. If the eyebrows are scanty, filling can be done using a brow pencil.

• Blush in a pink shade does not suit for a wedding day.

• Bright lip colours make the lips look fuller while darker shades make them look thicker. You can choose a colour that suits the face tone well.

• The airbrush and light tones can be used to create a subtle look that will add to the natural beauty of the bride.

Tips for bridal makeup

Follow these simple tips for bridal makeup to ensure you get your bridal makeup look right:

• Don’t apply makeup to such an extent that you appear as artificial make up doll.

• The yellow toned foundations go the best for photographs. The pink toned foundations will make you look like a pale bride.

• Use lipsticks that are long lasting and will not fade soon. Use a lip liner the same shade of your lipstick.

• Remember to emphasize either the eyes or the lips in your bridal eye makeup. If you plan to use dark lipstick prefer keeping the eyes plain or in a lighter shade. On the other hand if you think of accentuating the eyes go in for a plainer look for the lips.

• In the beginning itself try to figure out the type of skin that you have. On that basis, choose the foundation and other products that will suit the skin well and not have any adverse reaction.

• Once you have completed the make up dust some powder to make it set well.

• Also take proper care of your nails. See that you get your manicure done well in advance.

• A facial before the wedding is a must as this will add a natural glow to the skin apart from the bridal makeup.

• Take proper and daily care of the skin by normal cleansing toning and exfoliation which you can do even at home.

• Use mascara that is waterproof and will withstand all the crying and will not smudge in the process.

Following these simple bridal makeup ideas and bridal makeup tipswill ensure that you look gorgeous and absolutely stunning on your wedding day.

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