Bridal eye makeup

When you consider bridal eye makeup you have to make sure to see that it is not sloppy and shabby in appearance. At the same time there should not be a crisis of melting eye makeup and oil patches in bridal eye makeup. Also remember the simpler you keep the bridal eye make up the much better it looks and contributes in enhancing your looks. So keep it simple and look beautiful. Learn how to apply bridal eye makeup by following these simple bridal eye makeup tips.

Tips to applying bridal eye makeup

• Always start applying the eye shadow with a base. You should use a primer as the base to even out the eye shadow and also to prevent it from appearing powdery. Apart from giving it a good look it improves the lasting power of the eye shadow allowing it to stay much longer. Thus the primer prevents it from getting greasy and oily. Especially when eye shadow is applied in layers it becomes mandatory to apply a good primer maybe like MAC.

• Make sure not to apply a concealer in place of a primer

• The second step to applying proper bridal eye makeup is choosing the right and perfect colour of eye shadow that will not only match your outfit but will also complement your skin tone. On a daily basis you may use shades of yellow and blue but these are not the shades to use for your wedding day.

• Try as much to keep the eye makeup natural and in neutral shades. Beiges and taupes are the best eye shadows if your wedding is a simple church affair.

• The concealer is another constituent of the makeup box that we definitely can’t miss. Dark eye circles may pop just on your wedding day. The trick to get rid of these dark eye circles is to use the right concealer that is just two shades darker that the original skin tone.

• Then we need to think about the shimmer. For your bridal eye make up you can use shimmer to highlight the brow bone. But always keep the sheen less and don’t make it too glittery.

• Keep away fro frosty eye shadow as it shows very badly in photographs that you would probably keep with you for life. Matte colours are the best options if you want to add more depth to your eyes.

• Lining the eyes is another important thing that you should remember. You are likely to get emotional on your wedding day that may cause the eyeliner to smudge. So make sure to use eyeliner like MAC that will not only last longer but also not budge until and unless you use a makeup remover.

• Also do not line the eyes as it will only make them appear smaller.

• Use mascara for your eyes as it will open them up more. But make use of mascara that is smudge proof and waterproof.

• One of the best bridal eye makeup tips is to avoid applying mascara onto the lower lashes to prevent it from making a mess.

• Well groomed eyebrows also contribute to a polished look. Make sure that you get them tweezed and well shaped before the wedding.

• You can use brow pencils to fill in the eyebrows if you have scanty eye brows. However use a shade that will match your hair colour and see that you fill it in well.

• If you blend different colours of te eye shadow do it well

• Do not emphasize both the eye make up and the lip make up. Do either of the two.

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