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We generally think of the traditional Black Smokey Eye Makeup or for a more casual look we bend to colours such as brown. Being darker in colour many avoid wearing Smokey Eye Makeup during the day leaving it only for evening affairs. But don’t restrain yourself only to colours such as black and brown. Experiment with various eye shadows to create a sultry yet subtle Smokey Eye Makeup.

We give you an easy guide to get your Blue Smokey Eye Makeup done. Along with it we suggest some tips and ideas to achieve Smokey Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes.

Colours that Suit your Blue Eyes

For a gorgeous Blue Smokey Eye Makeup you can use colours such as violet, dark blue eye shadow and purple. In addition to that for Blue Smokey Eye Makeup you can also use black and grey. Don’t go by the old saying that blue eye shadow should not be used for blue eyes. Only remember that while using blue eye shadow use a shade darker than the colour of your eyes so that it will not dull the eyes but instead will emphasize the natural colour more.

How to apply Blue Smokey Eye Makeup

• Start by applying the face makeup. Apply the primer to contain the formation of any oil in the eye region. Spread it out evenly.

• Taking a navy blue eye pencil line the eyes drawing it closer to the lash line.

• Using your finger or a cotton swab blend and soften the line.

• Once this is done take a small amount of dark blue eye shadow on a small brush and lightly trace it over the eye liner concentrating more on the outer edges.

• While lining the lower lash line with the dark blue eye shadow draw the line thin.

• Sweep the lighter shade of blue eye shadow across the entire eyelid. Try using a shimmery shade for the eye shadow and blend the colours well.

• Finish off the blue Smokey eye look using mascara. It will be better to curl the lashes before so as to open up the eyes.

• Another Blue Smokey Eye Makeup idea is to use a combine of dark blue and black. Sweep the blue eye shadow on the upper lid up to the crease and a little beyond the crease.

• Then use a black eye shadow and mark the outer V of the eyelid and cover around quarter of the eye lid. Blend the black and blue eye shadow well.

• Apply a highlighter for the brow bone.

• Proceed by lining the eyes with black and finish off with a coat of mascara.

Blue Smokey Eye Makeup Tips

• Blue eyes can sometimes be a little tricky to work with. The colour blue varies widely from dark blue that looks almost purple to a very light blue that sometimes appears as grey. So the key here for a good looking Blue Smokey Eye Makeup is to first define the proper colour of the eye.

• Use the eye colour as a guideline to pick the right eye shadow colour for your Blue Smokey Eye Makeup.

• While teaming lighter and darker coloured eye shadows for Blue Smokey Eye Makeup choose the proper complementing colours.

• Don’t use a blue eye shadow that closely matches the eye colour.

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