Blue Eye Makeup

Probably the first thing that people notice in you is- your eyes. The eyes are a woman’s most beautiful asset. And if you have blue eyes it just gets better. Good blue eye makeup truly, can bring a difference in the way you look be it the technique in which you apply your blue eye makeup or simply the shades that you use. So pick up your makeup kit and get your blue eye makeup done well. Flaunt your gorgeous blue eyes and take your beauty to a totally new level.

Blue eye makeup ideas

On their own blue eyes look simply dazzling but by following few simple tips and ideas for blue eyes you can make them stand out well. Before you go to pick the essentials try to figure out what is the best for your blue eyes. We have compiled some ideas for blue eye makeup that we would like you to read.

• When doing your blue eye makeup, use a colour that is either darker or lighter than the normal eye colour. Using a shade the exact colour of the blue will make them look dull.

• There a varied ideas available for blue eye makeup. But all these blue eye makeup ideas are suggested keeping in mind only one shade of blue that is common with many. It may not suit you if your shade is completely different. So here you have to start working. First figure out the colour of your eyes whether your blue bends more towards a dark blue or a gray on the colour spectrum.

• If the colour of your eyes is dark blue then almost any colour eye shadow will look good.

• Use lighter to mid range eye shadows if the colour of your eyes is mid blue. Use the darker shades only in the crease.

• Light blue eyes always face difficulty when it comes to picking a perfect eye shadow colour. Your options are limited only to soft eye shadows in the mid range. Line the eyes with darker shades however don’t use them as a shadow it will look ugly.

• For gray blue eyes the best blue eye makeup idea that we suggest is to use the clothing of the day as your guideline.

• A blue eye makeup idea that we offer while selecting an eye shadow is to pick a shade that complements the eye colour. For blue eyes a colour that works great is bronze.

• Use eye shadows in shades of cream and tans, silver and gray. This is an excellent idea for blue eye makeup that can brighten blue eyes making them look bluer.

• Another blue eye makeup idea is to team darker colours with lighter ones. Lighter shades and their own may make your look pale and washed out.

• To create a more dramatic look with your blue eye makeup, make use of purple eye shadow in shades of purple. But keep the use limited. Don’t make it too dark.

• A blue eye makeup idea to enhance the eyes is too use eye shadow in any colour of brown. Combinations of lighter and darker brown will make the eyes look great and will add depth to the eyes. The browns that work best are those that have orange based undertone.

• Another idea to make blue eyes pop is to use shades of eye shadow and eyeliner that complement each other well. Eyeliner and mascara in shades of brown are the best alternative for black. You can also use dark metallic grey or silver.

• Also consider your skin tone while selecting colours for your blue eye makeup. If you are fair skinned and have blue eyes it will be better to avoid black mascara and eyeliner. An idea, rather trick to bring out the beauty of blue eyes is to use a white eye liner to line the inner rims of the eyelids.

• To make blue eyes really stand out, make use of pale silver or shimmery white eye shadow under the brow.

• To bring out the natural beauty of your blue eyes follow this blue eye makeup idea. You could consider getting a light tan on your face.

• Many say that blue you can’t really use blue while getting blue eye makeup done. However this is not so. You could team it up with a silver metallic eye shadow.

• For a highlighter use metallic silver shades of violet and lavender. You can also think of using gold tones.

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