Black Smokey Eye Makeup

A makeup style that has established for itself a unique identity and has long been followed is the Smokey Eye Makeup. Suitable for any occasion, whether it is a prom or a normal party, these Smokey Eye Makeup ideas tend to give a classy look. The traditional Black Smokey Eye Makeup is one that is worn by many. Along with being convenient to apply, Black Smokey Eye Makeup is one that suits almost all eye colours.

Here we shall discuss a few Black Smokey Eye Makeup tips and will also tell you the step by step procedure to get your Black Smokey Eye Makeup done.

The Essentials for a Black Smokey Eye Makeup

• Eye primer

• Concealer

• Liquid black eye liner or an eyeliner pencil.

• Neutral based eye shadow

• Black mascara

• Sponge applicator, cotton swab or Q tip

• Black or charcoal eye shadow

• A highlighter eye shadow that is slightly lighter than the general eye shadow.

How to apply Black Smokey Eye Makeup

• The Smokey Eye Makeup is heavier compared to the other eye makeup because of the dark colours and the layering technique that is used to give it the Smokey Eye Makeup look. Before you start with applying the Smokey Eye Makeup prepare the eyelids with a good eye primer.

• Allow the primer to dry well before you proceed with applying the Black Smokey Eye Makeup.

• Taking the neutral eye shadow sweep it over the entire eyelid starting from the lash line and stopping only at the brow bone. Light beige should do for this.

• Using the liquid black eye liner, line the eyes. Soften the eyeliner using a Q tip or an eye shadow brush.

• Apply the black eye shadow to the top lid with a Q tip or the applicator that comes along with the eye shadow. Smudge the eye shadow with the finger spreading it out evenly.

• Once done with that apply the general eye shadow that is grey or brown.

• If there is any eye shadow that has fallen below wipe it off.

• You can then apply the black eye shadow to the eye lid below in the same manner you did for the upper lid. Follow this with the general eye shadow. And blend everything well.

• Curl the lashes and apply a coat or two of mascara.

Tips to achieve Black Smokey Eye Makeup looks

• A tip for Smokey Eye Makeup for black eyes is to ensure, that you pick a good eye primer for the eye base to prevent the Smokey Eye Makeup from creasing and melting.

• For other Smokey Eye Makeup you can use coloured mascara. But for a Black Smokey Eye Makeup it is preferable to use only black mascara. Don’t try experimenting with the coloured mascara especially for a Black Smokey Eye Makeup.

• In comparison with the coloured Smokey Eye Makeup, Black Smokey Eye Makeup will always tend to give you an intense and severe look. It looks the best for night outings.

• Keep the lip makeup neutral as compared to the eye makeup. Remember not to keep it so light that it makes you look washed out. Balance it with the eye makeup.

• For the base eye shadow that is the neutral one you can use one with shimmer.

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