Makeup tips for black eyes

Black colour for the eyes is a universal color that suits many. On its own black eyes looks very beautiful. There are different methods of applying black eye makeup. You can achieve a Smokey black eye makeup as well. The use of contrasting colours goes as a great combination for black eyes. Besides for a more dramatic look many use a black eye shadow as well. Lets look at some black eye makeup tips given here.

How to do black eye makeup

• To start of with the black eye makeup, moisturize the entire face.

• Once done apply the foundation all over the face.

• Apply the primer as the eye base. It will help the eye shadow hold on well to the eyelid.

• Using a neutral eye shadow colour, brush it over the entire eyelid. You can always use a colour in the crease region. You cab use grey or dark brown. However while doing black eye makeup it is advisable to keep the shades neutral as it is a perfect contrast for these black eyes.

• Line the eyes using a black liquid eye liner. Apply black liquid eyeliner to the lower lashes starting from the centre moving outside. This will give the eyes a very solid and intense look. Since you will be using black eyeliner soften the eye liner.

• The bottom lash line should be lined in a slightly different manner. Start lining from the outside. Keep the line at the outer edge thin. As you proceed with the line towards the inside make it thin.

• If there are any gaps in the eyeliner touch it up once the eyeliner has dried.

• Towards the end curl the eye lashes and apply a coat of mascara. If you want you can apply a second coat if needed.

Smokey black eye makeup

Smoky black eye makeup suits best for a night out. It can give you the dramatic look that you want and is also quite easy to apply. When wearing black Smokey eye makeup it is advised that you don’t overdo the other face makeup. Keep the blush minimal and use lipsticks in neutral shades.

• Prepare the eyelids with an eye primer. Primer serves the purpose of a base especially when you have to apply heavy and dark makeup. Besides, it also enables the makeup to last longer.

• Take a small eye shadow brush and dip it in a jar of black liquid eye liner.

• Line the lower lash line in the manner mentioned. Start from the outer extreme corner of the upper lash line to the inner corner of the upper lid.

• Then dip another brush in charcoal coloured eye shadow. Sweep it over both the eyelids in such a manner that the eye shadow covers only the line created with the lower liner.

• Apply the charcoal coloured eye shadow to the crease of the upper lid as well.

• Using a highlighter cover up the area between the eyebrow and the charcoal coloured eye shadow.

• Blend both the eye shadow and the highlighter well so that there are no visible demarcations.

• Using a cotton swab apply charcoal powder under the lower lash line however only a small amount.

• Finish the black Smokey eye look by applying a coat of mascara to the lashes.

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