Best Under Eye Makeup

Are the dark under eye circles peeping through your eye makeup?

These dark under eye circles must have probably secured the top spot in your sob stories list. I know how bugging it is to have your entire eye makeup ruined with these under eye circles showing out. Nobody has really been able to master a permanent solution to this problem but you can always do something about them with eye makeup. So read on to know more about best under eye makeup and tips.

Best Under Eye Makeup: How to and Tips

*        The best under eye makeup tips that we suggest is choosing the concealer for your eye makeup on the basis of the original skin tone. Yellow toned concealers are the best to conceal dark under eye circles.

*        Many of you must have tried out various products for your under eye makeup but the one major complaint is that the eye makeup starts looking all cakey and creasy. So an under eye makeup tip is to start off your eye makeup by applying your good eye primer to serve as a smooth base for the concealer and other makeup.

*        Before you apply the concealer for your eye makeup you can also try neutralizing the darkest region under the eyes and the bridge of the nose (the inner comers of the eye tend to be darker than the rest of the area). Don’t do this for the entire region around the eye.

*        If you use mascara for your eye makeup then apply it only to the upper lashes. Some mascara may fall out and get trapped in the concealer making the under eye region even darker.

*        Moisturize the face well before you start with your under eye makeup. The moisturizer will help the concealer spread out evenly and will also prevent your eye makeup from creasing.

*        For under eye makeup, don’t go too light with the concealer as it will make the eyes look white. The best concealer for your under eye makeup is a shade lighter than your foundation.

*        Don’t apply too much of concealer for your under eye makeup. You can dot it in the under eye region and then gently blend it using the finger.

*        If you apply a solid or liquid foundation then apply a concealer after the foundation however you apply the concealer before the foundation if you use a cream or powder foundation.

*        Set the concealer by lightly dusting some powder for your under eye makeup.

*        The cream and liquid concealers are the best that you use for under eye makeup.

*        The colour of the under eye circles that is the undertone varies in different people. Sometimes the dark circles appear to be more bluish while sometimes they are darker purple and sometimes even brownish. So to conceal these under eye circles using makeup you need to look for a concealer accordingly. You can conceal bluish under eye circles with an orange concealer while the yellow toned concealers are the best for the purple circles. For the brown ones you can apply a tan or mauve concealer.

*        Try out some other makeup tricks so that you can shift the focus from the other under eye circles to the other eye makeup. You can try curling the lashes before you apply mascara. You can also highlight the brow bone to brighten the look of your eyes.

*        While continuously using eye makeup to conceal your under eye circles remember that the skin around the eye region is very delicate and sensitive. So go easy with applying eye makeup for the under eye circles.

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