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Best Eye Makeup

Eyes can be so captivating! They exhibit the personality of a person; they form windows through which someone can look into you. Best Eye Makeup will enhance these beautiful features of yours, without much of an effort. All the famous women we know go for emphasis on the eye for any kind of makeup. Best Eye Makeup however evades everyone. We are going to look into the intricacies of the Best Eye Makeup that one can find. We will present you with some basic Best Eye Makeup tips to start with. There are three components to the Best Eye Makeup; eye shadow, eye liner and mascara. Let’s look into all these for the best Best Eye Makeup.

Best Exotic Eye Makeup: you need to use colors that are really bold and refreshing for the best exotic eye makeup. Exotic eye makeup is used to go to parties and other grand occasions. Using tiger kind is stripes is one of the most famous exotic eye makeup. You can use some crazy zig zag colors, or some glitter eye shadow. for the best exotic eye makeup. Ever tired wearing Dark Eye makeup, this too could be one of the best exotic eye makeup.

Best Natural Eye Makeup: we all want to look natural, what can be better than the Best Natural Eye Makeup. You need to use natural colors to give you that fresh look. You can try using colors that resemble your eyes for the Best Natural Eye Makeup. Choose the color of your eye lashes for the eyeliner and do not add mascara. Also try using colors for the eye shadow that resemble your skin color for the Best Natural Eye Makeup.

Best Glamorous Eye Makeup: for the Best Glamorous Eye Makeup you need to get creative and loud. What are the glamorous colors that you can think of; golden, bronze. Don’t they look oh so beautiful? The one Best Glamorous Eye Makeup that comes to our mind is the Smokey Eye makeup. Look at our Smokey Eye Tutorial for the Best Glamorous Eye Makeup. You will be surprised as to how radiant it looks and the number of things you can do with these glamorous colors.  Get the dramatic effect for the Best Glamorous Eye Makeup, by using some false eyelashes, use loads of mascara to get the real thick lashes and you are all ready to sport the Best Glamorous Eye Makeup.

Best Alternative Eye Makeup: when we think of the Best Alternative Eye Makeup, we think of punk rock, Gothic Make up and Edgy make up. We have sections on all of these so do take a look. Use dramatic color combos that can ‘freak you out’. Ever tried wearing a yellow eye shadow, do try it this one of the best colors used for Best Alternative Eye Makeup. In fact, if you think it’s too startling, start using lighter shades of yellow and then proceed. It’s one of the most popular eye makeup among the teens and you will be surprised as to how many people will follow you once you sport the Best Alternative Eye Makeup.

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