Best Eye Makeup

Many say that eyes are the mirror of our soul. Eyes are that part of our face that one notices very soon. Eye makeup can be used to enhance to look of our face, making us appear more beautiful. But if you don’t know the tricks and tips to achieve perfect flawless eye makeup you are likely to make a mess of yourself. Read on and find out the best eye makeup tips and eye makeup ideas that we have compiled for you.

Best Eye Makeup Tips

Follow these simple best eye makeup tisp to enhance the beauty of your eyes.

• If you want to increase the lasting power of the eye shadow and to prevent it from melting away pay heed to this eye makeup tip. Make use of a primer before you apply the eye shadow.

• An eye makeup tip while applying eye shadow is to make use of three toned eye shadow. Let the first one that is the base be of a lighter shade, apply the highlighter at the crease and as the lid colour apply the medium toned colour.

• The colour that you use on the brow bone should be a neutral colour not a dark one.

• The dark shadow that you apply at the crease should be blended well. Don’t take it too close to the eye it will the eye look smaller.

• Give up the idea of dark eye makeup, if you want to wear your lip makeup darker.

• Soften the line of the eye liner using either your finger or a Q tip.

• When selecting the perfect mascara decide well in advance the type that you will pick when you enter the departmental store. There are different kinds such as lengthening, thickening, non- clumping or waterproof mascara. According to what you need pick the one that you want most.

• To prevent the lashes from clumping, the lash comb comes as a handy tool. Once you apply the mascara to the lash base then gently move the lash comb through to the tips.

• Instead of using a lash comb an eye makeup tip to prevent clumping is by removing the excess mascara from the wand. You can wipe the wand on the tissue.

• Curl the lashes before you apply the mascara. This is the best eye makeup tip for small eyes as it makes the eye appear brighter and larger.

• If you try curling the lashes after putting mascara wait for the mascara to dry.

Best Eye Makeup Ideas

• Don’t be afraid to use coloured mascara. On a daily basis we generally use black, but black may not suit all especially the light skinned people. Blue eyes look great with burgundy and plum including blue. As eye makeup for brown eyes you can use purple coloured mascara.

• As an excellent eye makeup idea we suggest selecting an eye shadow that will bring out the natural colour of your eyes and not suppress it. You can pick blue eye shadow for blue eyes. Contrasting colours also make a good match.

• Shimmer can make your eyes look stunning. But keep the use of shimmer limited to prevent the eyelids from looking heavy and overburdened with makeup.

• Use a white eye pencil at the inner corner of the eyes to open them up. This is a good eye makeup idea and tip for small eyes.

• Well groomed eyebrows are also a sign of well done makeup. So see that you shape them well. Also if your eye brows are sparse you can try filling in with a brow pencil that is a shade lighter than the eyebrow colour. You can use a powder that matches the eyebrow colour. Fill in the sparse areas with feathery strokes.

• A cat eye look is a great look for an occasion. This eye makeup idea can make the eyes appear larger.

• You can bring in alterations by in the Smokey eye look by using a metallic or shimmery eye liner.

• There are two methods to apply the eyeliner depending on what kind of look you want to achieve. You can keep it thin in the inner corner making it thick as you move out or you can also keep it thick at the centre and thin at the outer corners.

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