Asian Wedding Hairstyles

Asian wedding hairstyles varies considerably from that of the westerners. Right from texture to colour the hair differs. Asians boast of lovely thick, black and glossy hair. Their diet consists of various foods that aid faster and thicker growth of hair. The Asian continent itself comprises of people having varied geographical and cultural backgrounds. Accordingly the issues faced by them also differ. Let us look at various asian wedding hairstyles here.

Asian wedding hairstyles

The porosity content of their hair is more and so the moisture is well retained and sealed in the hair. While thinking about Asian wedding hairstyles, we have to take all these factors into consideration.

Some of the asian wedding hairstyles chosen by Asians may be very similar to those of the west where you could either leave your hair long and simple or get it done in an updo with a veil or a tiara or for that matter a partial updo may also be a good option. Some of the Asian wedding hairstyles that you could probably choose from include the following.

Popular Asian wedding hairstyles

Asian Traditional Bun Wedding Hairstyle

One of the simplest yet elegant asian wedding hairstyle is the traditional bun that is tied either at the nape or at the back of the head. You can tie this traditional bun on the top of the head adding to the height. This helps give a polished look and can be decorated with a tiara or flowers. This traditional bun is a pipular wedding hairstyle with Asians mainly Indians where brides mainly choose this wedding hairstyle.

Besides, Koreans prefer wearing the bun at the nape, thus giving it the look of a chignon. Apart from staying completely traditional you can always bring about moderations in the way you tie your bun by using intricately intertwined braids around the bun. You can forgo the basic round bun and choose a French twist or an elongated bun. To dispense with the absolutely severe look you can leave curls and tendrils to gently fall at the sides.

Simple and Straight Asian Wedding Hairstyle

Another asian wedding hairstyle that is in great demand among Asians is styling the hair straight and leaving it loose. They use a simple crystal headband or double headband to accentuate the hair making it gorgeous and classy. Side swept bangs and side pinned bangs, off set partings are great combinations with these kinds of hairstyles.

For those with long, thick curly and unruly hair one of the Asian wedding hairstyles that really work well is styling the hair straight with loose curls and waves. The curls can simply be left loose or pinned at the side or at the back of the head with a well designed clip or barrette.

Asian Partial Updo Wedding Hairstyles

Partial updos also suit the Asian face cut well. Depending upon what suits you best that is if your face is not made for an updo you can always think of a partial updo as a perfect Asian wedding hairstyle.

Braids are also quite famous among Asians especially Indians. In south India the main wedding hairstyle is a braid of two braids that are stylishly intertwined with flowers.

Hair Accessories for asian wedding hairstyles

The list of hair accessories include- flowers, stone studded hairpins, hair clips, crystal encrusted tiaras, barrettes and so on. Flowers are used most widely by Asians. The veil that is seen in some form or the other in Asian weddings also forms an inseparable part of Asian wedding hairstyles.

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