Arabic wedding makeup

Arabic wedding makeup is one that is characterized bright colours. Ranging right from the bride to her family to that of the groom, they usually go in for bright coloured dresses with all the latest updos. Besides they apply their Arabic wedding makeup thicker and darker than the western neighbors. Arabic wedding makeup is colorful, dramatic and heavily lined. Being loud this makeup does not suit everyone and it suits them well due to their distinct skin tone. Learn about Arabic wedding makeup.

Arabic wedding makeup

Arabic wedding Eye makeup

The eyes definitely say it all with respect to the Arabic wedding makeup. Arabic wedding makeup uses eye shadows in bright colours. Most of the times Arabic wedding makeup would even consider wearing a contrasting eye shadow so that they can complement or match the dress. Different shades of the same colour are used and blended well in Arabic wedding makeup. The Smokey eye makeup is another favorite in Arabic wedding makeup. The eyeliner is also an absolute must. However with the makeup application being so thick it is necessary to see that whatever is applied is waterproof. Many recommend using the gel eyeliner for Arabic wedding makeup as it is not only waterproof but also very easy to apply. The eyebrows are highlighted or thickened using a brow pencil.

Arabic wedding makeup Lips

In a very similar fashion to the eyes the lipsticks used are also in bright colours in Arabic wedding makeup. Bright red, orange shades of pink are the colours that constitute their makeup kit.

How to apply Arabic wedding makeup

• Apply foundation to the entire face. Use a shade that is closest to the skin colour.

• Using a concealer that is one or two shades darker than the original skin tone conceal any kind of acne or pimple on the face. Blend both together properly.

• Also the foundation should be done well so as not to see any kind of lines at the jaw line or side of the temples.

• Taking some colour on a brush apply it to the cheeks sweeping it upwards. Then use a highlighter however sparingly on top of the cheekbones and blend both well.

• Taking pearl highlight colour eye shadow applies it to the brow bone and the inner corner of the eye.

• For the eye shadow we will be creating a blend of nearly four complementing colours like mahogany, gold, plumb and taupe. It is preferable to use at least one metallic shade.

• Start by applying the lightest of all the colours over the entire eyelid, the second lightest colour to the lash line just above the crease. Blend the two well moving upwards and outwards till it meets the eyebrow end.

• Using the metallic shade cover the inner part of the eyelid and blend it into the crease.

• Last use the darkest shade at the outer corner of the eye and blend it into the crease of the eye and under the lower eye lashes.

• Line the eyes using liquid eyeliner but only the top and extend it slightly outside. At the waterline of the eyes apply the kohl with a stiff angled brush.

• You can also make use of false eye lashes. Curl the eyelashes and then use mascara to open up the eyes. You can use good two or three coats, but see that it does not clump.

• Once you’ve done with the eyes you can move towards the lips. Use a lipstick colour that will complement the skin tone and the rest of the makeup. Arabic generally tends to use deep reds and brown mauves.

• Using a lip liner the same colour of the lipstick line the lips. Then apply a generous amount of lip gloss adding on some sheen.

You can follow these simple Arabic wedding makeup tips to look beautiful.

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