Arabic wedding hairstyles

If you are a soon to be bride there are so many small important things that have to be done, so many decisions to be taken regarding the dress, venue , hairstyle and so on. However things may not be the same for so many Arabic brides. While taking various decisions for their big day they have to keep in mind their traditions and act only in conformity to the religion.

The views and thoughts of her family as well as that of the groom have a major influence on all that she does. The hairstyles that most Arabic brides choose are elaborate or simple but head covering also is a must and cannot be left out.

In some Arabic weddings that are strictly traditional, where there are arrangements made for seating both men and women separately, the bride need not worry as she does not have to cover her face and hair. She can always get an Arabic wedding hairstyle such as updo or even for that matter let her hair loose down her back.

There are some of the modern Arabic brides who follow their religious policies however there is some flexibility in observing them. They are not as rigid as the other section of their society. Such brides can definitely think of going in for modern and conventional Arabic wedding hairstyles. Similar to a western bride they wear a white wedding gown accompanied with a veil and some of the most elaborate and intricate updos. They even let their hair down styling it straight or curling the hair.

Most of them are very fond of embellishments in the form of hair combs, jeweled hair clips and brooches, stone studded hairpins and even crystal encrusted tiaras. If an Arabic bride chooses to wear a hijab, the scarf covering the hair on account of religious customs she can use a brooch with an intricate design or even a stone studded pin. For those who go in for different hairstyles and hairdos a tiara would also be a good choice to adorn the hair.

A common and traditional Arabic wedding hairstyle is the basic bun. Whether long or short many brides wear their hair in a bun. However now you can make various variations in the bun and make it look modern yet simple and elegant. If you don’t want to simply tie your hair in a bun you can curl the ends and then shape it into an intricate bun. A side bun Arabic wedding hairstyle is also a good alternative. To make it look good you can decorate it with flowers and other hair accessories.

If you don’t belong to a very conservative family there is no problem in going for a partial up do hairstyle tying part of the hair up in a bun on top of the head and then curling the ends. Besides this you could also leave your hair loose after polishing it slightly if you will be wearing a veil or doing the hair up in curls.

Braids and plaits tied in different styles and adorned heavily with flowers or hair accessories and jewelry should also do.

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