Arabic wedding eye makeup

Arabic wedding makeup be it the lips, eyes or the face makeup is always done in bright colours and creates a dark look. Arabic wedding eye makeup that differs greatly from that of the west because of the use of the bright colours that are not used much in the west. Learn more about Arabic wedding eye makeup here.

Arabic wedding eye makeup tips

The eyes definitely say it all with respect to the Arabic wedding eye makeup. Arabic eye makeup uses eye shadows in bright colours. Most of the times they would even consider wearing a contrasting eye shadow so that they can complement or match the dress. Besides another very important component of the Arabic eye makeup is the use of kohl which gives it the characteristic heavy look.

Here’s what we have compiled for you regarding the Arabic wedding eye makeup

How to apply the Arabic wedding makeup

• Start by applying a primer to the eyes. Primer levels out the base and makes it even. Besides it makes the eye shadow adhere well to the eyelid preventing it from coming off thus making it last longer.

• Using a concealer, conceal all the dark spots and dark eye circles around the eyes well. Choose a concealer that is one or two shades darker than the skin tone.

• If you are using a foundation powder choose one that is darker than the original skin tone as you will be using bright colours as the eye shadow.

• However, even if you have to choose a darker shade of the foundation, pick one that will suit your skin colour.

• Besides you can also use a bronzer to enhance the look.

• Choose an appropriate eye shadow colour. You may choose jewel toned colours. Gold purple, blue and yellow can also be a good choice.

• You can create a blend of two colours as the eye shadow that is a medium tone colour and a darker tone colour.

• Apply the medium toned colour to the entire eyelid while the darker tone only to the crease. Blend them well so as to banish the look of two separate colours.

• Line both the upper and the lower eyelid using a black eye pencil.

• You can also create a Smokey eye look. To give the eyes a Smokey look, using a smudge brush, smudge the eye liner a bit. Last curl the eye lashes using and eye lash curler to open them up.

• Apply a coat of mascara. You can also repeat the application if needed but see that they don’t form clumps.

Arabic wedding eye makeup tips

• It is always better to use gel eye liners as they are easy to apply and are also waterproof.

• You will have to create a dramatic eye makeup look. So use an eye shadow that is luminous.

• By extending the line outside the eyes you can give it the wing shape.

• Highlight the upper brow.

• When blending the shades of eye shadow make sure to do it in the upward direction.

You can follow these simple tips to apply Arabic wedding eye makeup and get beautiful bold eyes.

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