arabic makeup tips

Make up styles and patterns differ in different parts of the world. Be it the eyes, lips or even face makeup there are visible variations. Their makeup is also quite different compared to various parts of the world. Arabic make up is done in such a way that it helps creating a very dark yet voluptuous look. They give more stress to highlighting the eyes and the lip. If we move the West, we realize that people there mostly prefer light makeup but Arabic make up uses colours that are more of bold, loud and jewel toned.

How to apply face make up?

Follow these steps to apply makeup:

  • Initially apply the concealer to hide any kind of blemish, acne, scar or any dark circles under the eyes that is visible on the face.
  • Using a foundation brush, apply the foundation evenly thus creating a smooth base before you actually start working on the makeup.
  • One thing that has to be kept in mind while applying makeup is that you are going to use bold and bright colours. Here it becomes necessary to choose a foundation colour that is darker than the original skin colour. But choose one that matches the skin tone well otherwise it will give you an unnatural look.
  • You can also use a bronzer to give you the required look.
  • Proceed by applying the eye shadow base. This will help retain the eye shadow in a better manner.
  • Then apply the eyehadow. Use two colours for the eyeshade. One will be of a medium tone while the other would be of a darker tone.
  • Using a black eye pencil line, line both the upper and the lower eyelid. You can then create a smokey look for the eyes.
  • Apply a coat of mascara to give the eyes a bolder look and make them brighter.
  • Once you have finished with the eyes you can then turn your attention to the lips.
  • You can use a deep coloured lipstick maybe a burnt red or for that matter even brown mauve. Press your lips on a tissue paper to see that it is evenly applied and that it does not smear or smudge.

Eye make up.

Eye make up especially with regard to the Arabic make up needs to be done well. It is the eyes that give the face the exact sensuous look. Here are the steps to get the perfect Arabic eye make up done.

  • You start by applying the eye shadow base. It is necessary to apply the base since you will be using bold colours. This helps to hold on the eye shadow better.
  • Choose an appropriate eye shadow colour. You can select jewel tone colours -gold, purple, blue or also yellow. To create the kind of look that you want you will need two shades – a medium and a dark toned shadow. You apply the medium toned shade to the entire eyelid while the darker shade to the crease of the eye. Make sure that they blend together well.
  • After you have finished with the application of the eye shadow you line the eyes with a black pencil (both the eyelids). To give the eyes a smokey look, using a smudge brush, smudge the eye liner a bit. In the end apply the mascara to give it a bolder look. However curl the eyelashes before applying the mascara.

Arabic makeup has become quite popular as many celebrities too are going in for it. If you plan to look like an Arab for a day, hopefully this will help you out.

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