Girls & women all around the world are fond of wearing a fascinating makeup to enhance their facial beauty. Facial makeup is done all around the world & is not only stuck to the western world. It has its own significance in the Middle East also. The makeup style that is popular in the Middle East is the Arabic eye makeup. It is also very popular in countries like Pakistan & India where Arabic communities are present. Arabic makeup is known worldwide for its emphasis on eyes, lips & on skin tone. Many international celebrities have been seen wearing Arabic eye makeup. The Arabic eye makeup tips have always been the favorite & have given high sense of glamour and beauty. Arabic look can be achieved by anyone of any nationality by just following the right application techniques and use of colors.

Arabic eye makeup tipsArabic eye makeup is known for its dramatized look, it is usually done by many color eye shadows, blending them over layers, which give a vibrant look to the eyes. Eyeliner is used to provide a contrast to the eye shadow color. Eyebrow is highlighted with brow pencil, as in Arabic eye makeup, eyebrow is important to give an attractive look. There are a few things that are important aspects of Arabic eye makeup tips. One should have Arabic eye makeup products like Congealer, Foundation, Facial Powder, Black pencil, eyeliner, Eye shadow, Black mascara, Lipstick, Makeup brush, Bronzer, Eye shadow base, Smudge brush. Arabic eye makeup tips are simple and easy, with which one can easily do the Arabic eye makeup.

How to apply Arabic eye makeup:

Wash up your eyes well before your start wearing eye makeup, clean up the eye well. Then prepare your eyelids by brushing up the shimmering color from the base of the top lash line to the top of the eyelid. Then outline the lower eyelid rim using a dark-colored eye crayon. Outline the base of eyes with it & extend this line outwards to .25 inches on each side of eyes creating like a wing. Now prepare the inner eyelids with brush with darker shimmering eye color & extend up towards the brow area. Add some other color to extend upwards & create wing like shape. Now blend the upper eyelid color together using a flat tipped brush to blend all the colors in upward direction. Highlight the upper brow area with white or cream-colored eye shadow on the upper brow area. This will highlight the eye and will give an accentuate look to eyes. Now apply second layer of dark crayon on the upper eyelid of your eyes with the same dark crayon to create a thick band of color on the upper lids. Finish up the upper eyelid with black liquid eyeliner to create a thin line of color that extends outward of the upper eyelids to create a wing shape. Allow the eyes to dry & then finish the eye makeup by applying 2 to 3 coats of mascara to the upper eyelashes to complete the Arabic look.

You can get familiar with the Arabic eye makeup tips by also reading magazines, browsing through fashion websites or can taking advice from fashion experts.

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