Arabic Eye Make

Arabic Eye Makeup is one awesome makeup idea that everyone wants to adopt these days, this is because of the way Persian Girls are making an impact on the world these days. Their beauty is just worth killing for; this is why girls all around the world just love to do the Arabian Eye makeup. The one thing you need extra in your make up kitty for the Arabian Eye makeup ideas is shimmer; lots and lots of it. This is the best way to adopt the Arabic Eye Makeup Ideas. You name it and they have it; right from Smokey Arabic Eye Makeup Ideas, to shimmery Arabic Eye Makeup Ideas. Lets understand just how to do a Arabic Eye Makeup.

Arabic Eye Makeup Ideas

Arabic Eye Makeup is all about extremes, you need to make your eyes look really big and gorgeous, and you so don’t have to be Arabic to do that. You need to follow the steps closely to understand the Arabic Eye Makeup Ideas.

What you need for Arabic Eye Makeup Ideas

• Wide-Angled Brushes Flat Tipped (2)

• Flat-Tipped Brush Smaller in size

• Eye shadow (preferably shimmery) in gray, dark brown or black

• Eye pencil

• Dark Highlighting Eye shadow

• Liquid Eye liner

• Mascara

How to apply Arabic Eye Makeup

  • You can begin the Arabic Eye Makeup Ideas by make a base for yourself.
  • Do that by applying the shimmer onto your upper eyelid.
  • Use your eye shadow pencil and make a line on the lower lid. Let the eye shadow pencil be of a brown or black shade, preferably brown. Wing it at the end. On the inner eyelid, you need to use the same shimmer and cover the area between the inner eye to mid brow.
  • Highlight as you go, especially the outer eyelid, keep blending as you go. Use a cosmetic cotton or sponge to do that. Since it will give you a softer look.
  • Now you can highlight the upper brow with a shaded eye shadow, preferably cream. This will bring out the featured upper brow.
  • You need to again use your eye shadow pencil and draw yet another line on your eye lid to make it look thicker. This is basically done to make your eyes look bigger. This is the main feature of Arabic Eye Makeup Ideas because Arabic Girls generally have big beautiful eyes.
  • The final step of applying Arabic Eye Makeup is applying the black eyeliner. You need to do this will an eyeliner brush, so you don’t make a mistake. You need to extend your black eyeliner outside the upper eyelid and create a vintage look.

Finally you need to finish off the Arabic Eye Makeup by applying loads of black mascara. This is final touch that you will add to Arabic Eye Makeup. You need to apply at least 4-5 coats of mascara to bring out the thickness in the lashes.

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