How to apply Bridal makeup

Whatever kind of wedding that you may be planning or wherever you may be planning to have your wedding it is one of the most important and memorable events in your life. You should leave no stone unturned to look beautiful and stand out in the crowd. Try out bridal makeup that will make you look pretty and grand. Learn how to apply bridal makeup and different bridal makeup looks here. After all it is your day, make the most of it!!!!!

How to Apply Bridal Makeup

Different Bridal Makeup Looks:

We have lined up a few Bridal makeup ideas that will help you look gorgeous as a bride.

Pink Bridal Look:

For a stylish and chic pink bridal look you could consider using a purple eye shadow to line the eyes instead of black liner. Highlight the eyes with a pink but a paler shade. A nice toasty plum colour can also be used as a highlighter. Towards the end you could dust some powder. False lashes could be used. Apply a coat of mascara to make your eyes appear bigger.

Natural Bridal Look

You can think of achieving a natural bridal look for your wedding by using neutral shades. Thus you can always emphasize your features by using soft shades and not going overboard. You can apply this kind of makeup by following the steps given below.

1. Start by applying the foundation.

2. Once you have applied the foundation apply the bronzer to the face. Blend it all well.

3. Use an eye shadow in biscuit colour across the eyelid.

4. Use an eye liner in a coffee brown colour to line the lower and the upper lashes. Apply a coat of mascara to the upper and lower lashes.

5. Finish the look by applying a coat of lipstick in crystal beige.

Classic bridal look

Follow the instructions given below to get a stylish yet classic bridal look.

1. Apply the blush to the cheeks concentrating on the apple of the cheeks in pink colour.

2. Use an eye shadow in tea biscuit colour across the eyelid starting from the lash line and then moving upwards towards the brow.

3. Then apply the eye shadow in a copper shade beginning from the outer edge of the eye moving towards the lash line. Blend both well.

4. Line the eyes using a liner in coffee brown and then coat with mascara.

5. Finish the look using a nice suitable glossy lipstick in a shade of brown.

Tips for bridal Makeup.

People may tell you a number of things regarding the colours that you should use. But remember what looks good on them may not necessarily look good on you. So when selecting anything for your wedding make up be it foundation, primer, eye shadow or the lipstick colour make sure to pick only that which suits your skin tone and type.

The foundation that you select should suit your skin tone. Also see that it contains no SPF as it will make the face look chalky white.

Most of the lipstick variants are likely to dry very soon. To make your lipstick last longer use a primer that forms a base and allows the lipstick to stick to it. After you have applied the lipstick top it up with a colorless gloss.

Use a foundation brush to apply the primer in a smooth manner.

Try using a moisturizing foundation that will blend well with the skin and won’t show as a powdery residue.

Imperfections in the skin especially on the wedding day are found everywhere. However you could conceal imperfections such as dark eye circles and pimples by using a concealer in the right shade.

Your wedding makeup kit should consist of a makeup remover pen. This can be of great help when makeup smudges at the last minute. Blotting paper should also be included to blot any oil that is formed on the face mainly the T-zone areas.

Use mascara that is waterproof and as far as possible keep the eye makeup light and natural. You could consider a bit of shimmer on the brow bone but do not overdo it and make it look gaudy.

A pink based colour blush suits well for fair-skinned people while those with medium tone skin or olive skin should use a plum based colour.

Make sure to see that the eyebrows are well- groomed. Fill it with some brow powder that is the same colour of your hair.

Avoid lipstick in pale shades as they will not appear in the photos. Choose a shade that is two or three shades darker than you original lip colour but see that the lip colour is not too bright.

For your nails make sure to see that you get your manicure done in advance. For the nail polish you could consider putting on lovely pastel shades.

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