Tattoo artists give you a wide range of angel tattoo for girls designs that you could choose from. There are many who go in for the angel tattoo just for the heck of it. But it is always advisable to get your angel tattoo done after you know the details behind it.

Angel tattoo designs for girls

According to various religious beliefs such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam, these angels have served as a link between the heaven and earth being messengers of god to man. Angel tattoos have biblical and religious significance. But not all angel tattoos are a symbol of religion. Angel tattoos exhibit elegance and grace and so they are a preferred choice by many.

The angel tattoos is getting more and more popular these days. Women get the angel tattoo done as religious devotion while some get it done as a guardian angel tattoo. Fallen angel tattoos are equally popular and well known as most of the biblical ones. The angel tattoo that is actually popular is the cherub angel tattoo.

Angel tattoos symbolize spirituality and protection. It also shows qualities such as sublimity and purity which are the qualities that define a woman. The significance of angel tattoos differs. Where in some tattoo stands as a symbol of love to the other the may show the sadness of a loved one. You can also get one to perpetuate the memory of a loved one.

Angel tattoo designs are feminine tattoos that are cute and small tattoos look great. There are very unique styles of getting angel tattoos. The first major angel tattoo was done by Bob Roberts.

Different Types of Angel Tattoo

• The guardian angel tattoo can be drawn on the arms or upper back. Some angels tattoos are designed in such a way that they appear floating above as though providing protection

• Angel wings tattoo on the back is another tattoo design that many get done on the back. These angel wing tattoos have their own significance. The angel wings tattoo expresses the speed of flight that denotes freedom and ambition. Besides these angel wings also stand for innocence and child- like purity. There are a variety of ways by in which you can get these angel wings design tattooed. You can tattoo them like a heart, flowers, animals or halos. You can attach these wings to anything including the name or initials of a departed person. Another popular way of drawing this tattoo is to draw them at the shoulder blades thus appearing naturally to come from there. Though white is the standard colour of the wings they can be drawn in various colours for the sake of beauty. They can be large covering the entire back.

• Few angel tattoos are drawn as little cute creatures surrounded by bright light. Many times these angels are not shown alone. They are surrounded by different designs and in different states that they depict different things depending upon what is shown. Sometimes there may be a combination of a fairy and an angel or it may be a crying angel tattoo drawn to indicate sadness. They can be combined with trumpets, harps, swords, halos or clouds or the devil.

• Cherub tattoos are the ones that most people get in the category of angel tattoos. This cherub angel is like a baby angel that is usually male, naked and has wings. They are shown as sitting on the cloud with a trumpet or bow in the hands. One of the most popular cherub that we all know is cupid.

• The archangels are the angels of the highest rank and are the ones closest to god. The archangel tattoo design depicts the everlasting battle between good and bad. These angel tattoo designs bring back to our memories the defeat of Lucifer by Archangel Michael.

• Lucifer, The fallen angel banished from the kingdom of god for his disobedience to god .Lucifer or the fallen angel tattoo is another tattoo that is becoming more and more popular today. These fallen angel tattoos are shown with a wicked face, torn and tattered wings and sometimes they even show horns.

• Devil angel tattoos: Grim Reaper or the angel of death as he is called is also a popular design in angel tattoos. Though originally not depicted with wings this devil angel tattoo is always shown with wings. The angel devil tattoos depict two aspects of human life – the good and bad. They also symbolize temptation.

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