4th of July Makeup Looks

4th July a great day in the history of the United States!! If you’re gearing up for one such 4th July party then skim through some of these 4th of July makeup tips and looks that we have compiled for you.

Makeup Tips for 4th of July:

Follow these simple 4th of July makeup tips given here for perfect 4th of July makeup.

• To create a flawless 4th of July makeup, cover up dark circles and blemishes using a concealer.

• Creasing and melting of eye makeup is likely to take place. Always use an eye primer for the eye makeup.

• For a 4th of July party you can use a red lipstick. But there are certain things you should consider. Such as if the party is a day time affair use a dewy red lipstick while the matte red one would look perfect for an evening makeup look.

• If you plan to use a red lipstick as a part of your 4th of July makeup then keep the eye makeup in neutral shades such as champagne.

• Don’t go overboard with both the eye as well as the lip makeup. You definitely don’t want to look like a disaster. So accentuate any one feature.

• Your 4th of July eye makeup should be simple and sweet. Use your eyeliner and mascara sparingly not applying too much and not making it too dark.

• A 4thof July tip for you is to false eyelashes. It will open our eyes bigger and also add some sparkle to your eyes.

• Use a waterproof makeup and mascara if your friends have planned to have a pool party as a part of the 4th of July celebrations.

• Particularly you can use colours such as red, blue and white in your makeup to resemble the colours of the national flag.

• One popular 4th of July makeup look that we suggest is lining the eyes with a white eye liner. Use red eye shadow at the outer corners, white at the inner corners and blend both well. Add the blue just above the lash line using a navy blue liner in a thin line. The eye shadows should have some shimmer.

• With all the fun and frolic your makeup is likely to wear off so remember to carry some of it in your purse so that you can touch it up whenever needed.

• Purple is a shade that matches all eye colours well. So use it to make your eyes pop.

• For all you lazy bones you can use eye stickers as well for your 4th of July eye makeup. They are come in different varieties with so many colours and funky patterns. You can always choose one that will suit you best.

• To create a more dramatic 4th of July party makeup you can cling to the Smokey eye look. You can do it with bold colours. For an intense look there should be more of black. If you wish to have a gentler look you can create your Smokey eyes with brown.

• There are plenty of options for a Smokey eye look for 4th of July makeup. You have a green Smokey eye makeup, blue Smokey eye and then there is the purple Smokey eye look. Choose whichever one you wish to wear.

• When we say eye brows they may seem to be such a small thing for you. But let me remind you if properly done they can change your entire look. So pay some attention to them. Get them well groomed and fill in with some brow powder if needed.

• Do up the lips for your 4th of July makeup with plain pink gloss.

Follow these simple 4th of July makeup tips given here for your 4th of July party.


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